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All right Bucky Brooks defensive backs Scout. NFL Network Love having him on on Thanksgiving Eve. All right I was I was saying earlier. Dax a little bit. Like the trust fund kid of quarterbacks he just he inherited comfort so the weapons in the old line in the running back. I've always found him to be in a little bit with Eli Manning early in his career a heart evaluation for me. I'm back and forth. on-deck intangibles A. Plus Tangible C. Minus M. I. Unfair you you are. You are unfair because I think what has happened with. Dak Prescott his Dak Prescott unlike most quarterbacks. He's just each and every week is he's a franchise quarterback he's not a franchise franchise quarterback he can do it. He can't do it early in the season everyone was coming in saying. This is Zeke. Elliott Team Ezekiel. Elliot's a guy that is the driving force of the office right this year. Dak Prescott has been there. He is merged has been a dominant player. WHO's leading the league in passing yards? He has played will by any metric. Have we measure quarterbacks. He's a franchise quarterback it becomes two wins. He ranks only behind. Tom Brady says he entered the league. If it comes to passing euros individual status the issue the passing leader. I don't know what debt can and do to make people realize not how good of a player go for four against the best team okay. So here's what happens in when you're playing really good teams. That's why coaching matters. So when you playing really really good teams and the playing field is level. That's when you need your coach to give you the advantage. So we heard Jerry Jones very upset and angry after the game where he saw the Patriots. Knock off the Dallas cowboys because in their game. It wasn't a Dak Prescott issue. There was a coaching issue. Doing the Patriots are on the details. They pay attention to details. They win gays because they know how not to lose games. Meaning they don't turn the ball all over they don't give you silly penalties and actually yardage they win the special teams kicking game. The Dallas Cowboys lost that game because in the kicking game they didn't pay attention. Blocked punt gave up hidden yardage head. PENALTIES BURNED TOM timeouts. That's not a deck Prescott issue that's Jason Garrett issue. I've been critical Aaron Rodgers. A Nice said you know all the issues. We're going to be solved with Mike McCarthy. Okay he's gone. Let's wait 'til Thanksgiving for Matt. leflore Aaron Rodgers now in the last three games is one one and two with two touchdown passes his passer rating is very low. I think he's regressing. I don't sense the it may be. It's the collarbone surgeries. He's got a star running back. He's got a star receiver. He's got a very talented tight end. He got that progressive. Smart coach I saw kind of Marine Russell Wilson Give San Francisco trouble off a bye. That game was over an eight minutes. Somebody that's on Erin it is on and I think he has always gotten a pass like because we've always made excuses about what he doesn't have he doesn't have play makers because he doesn't have a running game The coach doesn't call the right place for them. The defense doesn't get it done. I'm reaches them stats. Says twenty seventeen in November in December Aaron Rogers four nine he averages two hundred and twenty six passing yards per game but his passer rating is below ninety. Eighty nine point nine. So when I'm saying the franchise quarterback a guy who I've been. I've heard hailed as the greatest passer of all time if he can't deliver when it matters down the stretch riches when it matters. November December is money time. Aaron Rodgers hasn't been money. He hasn't been Klutz the last three years away. I think an unbelievable number I I I think join. I talked about this Saturday. It's one of those oil. What here's a losing road record in his career? That is stunning to me. He has elude the the best road quarterback in the NFL in the last twenty eastern time zone games. Russell Wilson Sixty four Here's the thirty first ranked doc pass blocking line offense in and he goes to San Francisco and beats the best defensive line in the sport. Russell to me is a better quarterback today than he's aging better than Aaron Rodgers. Absolutely I I think I think this is what has happened. The narrative has been that. We're beginning to expect quarterbacks to play twenty years because we've been spoiled by drew brees and to make right says that was never the case. You got a decade of strong quarterback play. That's more than enough which kind of speaks to the argument when people are worried about the athletic quarterback in the mobile quarterback back ten years is what you expect to get from a franchise quarterback Arron Rogers thirty five thirty six. When you get older they hits hurt a little more? You lose some of the steam on the ball. We've talked about the passing yours over ten yours today. Agassi is down. You think you've pointed out that it is forty five percent. Completion percentage over ten yards. He's not as accurate as he used to be. He's not as accurate as used to be. He's a different player. So what has to happen. A couple of things one when he gets older to supporting cast has to do more for meaning. mellifluous has to lean on the running game. More the playmakers around him they have to step up and be guys that can take short passes and make him in the big games as a quarterback it gets older. He needs the rest of the pieces of the puzzle to do. More is not a knock to Aaron Rodgers. This is what every quarterback needs to supporting cast has to help him By the way drew brees has his best defense in a long time. Drew brees has a running game great possession receiver in an offensive. Line that underrated. Finally Tom Brady and NFL. EXAC throws anonymous. You ever know that the NFL EXAC says Brady quote is still deadly when he needs to be by it no. I don't buy you know Tom Brady is because you're a boxing fan. I Love Boxing Tom. Brady's Mike Tyson but he's not Mike Tyson at the beginning of his career. He's Mike Tyson before he played Lennox Lewis and and the reason why is because he is more mystique than magic now. Tom Brady can still throw a haymaker. Occasionally but the days of Tom Brady carrying this team to the postseason carrying this team to the Super Bowl. They're over so the first three games of the year. Tom Brady was outstanding completed. Sixty seven percent of his passes seven zero touchdown to interception ratio. Pass Radio One sixteen in the last eight games. He's only completing six percent of his passes. Eight to five touchdown to interception reception ratio and a passer rating under eight. Well no no. No no no no. He is a bottom third quarterback right now on the number eight look look we can talk about a supporting cast. We can talk about the running game and all of these things right now at his best Tom. Brady's game manager they are winning because of their special shoot teams and their defense and as long as they stick to the recipe. They can win but if this becomes a team that has to number twelve. He's not going to be able to get it done. Yeah pry right right. I'm right on this one. I'm right on this one. I think I'm right on the Aaron Rodgers. One might be too together right right. This great by the way I'll go back and say it again. Russell Wilson's I said it to start the show the most underrated player in the NFL. In my lifetime. And I'm not and I really believe that I mean he. He is underrated and I think the reason why he has been underrated because very early on and I believe Russell Wilson's career Mir's Tom Brady. And this aspect early in the career. Russell Wilson had the running game with marshawn Lynch and Medina Dominant Defense Legendary coach gray coats and Pete Carroll. Tom Brady had the same thing with Bela check. They ran the ball. They Lean on defense. He grew from game manager to franchise player. What we've seen in the last three or four years? Russell Wilson is a franchise plov able to out? They had to do it differently but he is being able to elevate continue to keep the seahawks first eight seasons. They've never had a losing. Like I just think about. That is one thing to talk about winning. Deranged there's another thing to always be tournament. This is a big thing is greatest cameras. He's never had back to back winning seasons to consistency. Russell Wilson High School one. NC State one Wisconsin once Seattle one and the other thing about Russell. He's in every game. They almost Aaron Rodgers. Got Blown out again last week. Off A bye Russell's traveling to a different time zone. He's in Yemen. This week. They live Seattle's out by Alaska Oscar to twelve hour plane ride and he goes to fillion wins. Our three Greg Cosell next be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific it back on Fox sports radio one and the iheartradio APP. Kick.

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