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Dot com Dave Tilden. W T o P traffic You need to pay attention to our weather this afternoon. Let's Goto, Amelia Draper and NBC for storm team for Weather alert mode on this Tuesday with a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire area. Through 11 PM strong to severe thunderstorms are likely, especially between five and 10 p.m.. The biggest threat will be gusty, damaging winds will also see some very heavy rainfall, frequent lightning and maybe even hail in any storms will most likely be dealing with a line or broken line segment moving through the area. Make sure to charge your devices just in case the power goes out. As we move toward midnight will clear out with lows in the mid sixties and low seventies and lowering humidity overnight. Tonight mostly sunny and beautiful Tomorrow, low humidity and highs only in the eighties and into upper eighties. I'm strong Team four meteorologist stimulate a Draper. We are tracking a very large storm system to the western edge of the W T o p listening area. We have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. For Western Washington County and then points west toward Cumberland and a little bit of the West Virginia panhandle. We're seeing this system now on the 70 corridor between Cumberland and Handcock. It's moving to the South East, So it's going across Theeighty one corridor in West Virginia and head into Maryland at some point as we go through the afternoon. I'll keep an eye on that for you. Severe thunderstorm watches Amelia mentioned all through the double D T o p Listening area. Temperatures are into the nineties in some spots, along with high humidity. We are 91 in silver spring in Dale City. It's 91 It's 90.

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