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Vegas takes sharp end Shapiro Ron control from channel eight in studio is wildland you could join us or we're gonna be talking a lot of UNLV hoops here in the next few weeks or so we don't know who the new head coach is going to be. But what we do know that it was eleven days ago that Marvin Menzies and his staff were relieved of their duties, and one of his assistant coaches, we were talking a little bit on social media that would be a coach Eric Brown. We're talking a little bit on social media. And he said some nice things he said, he appreciated what I did so on and so forth, and that he he understood sometimes when I went when we went out of a little bit J D, And and and we criticize them at times, and we praise them when they deserve to be praised than I appreciate it. Those kind remarks and I invited in McCoy on the shell. And and he Blige song. We're glad to have him on the show right now. Coach Eric Brown. Coach. I appreciate you. Join us. How are you? I'm doing well. Thanks for having me guys. Thank you. So many questions to get you coach in such a short period of time. Let me start with this. When did you first learned that you guys are were relieved of your duties? It was pretty much the same time. You know, everybody else found out. Ten days ago. So it's Friday afternoon after coach and met with the administration. What was your? I mean, were you guys surprised? I would imagine you guys didn't see this coming or did you? We were a little surprise again others. I don't think there's coach around the country gets fired. And they're really happy about it. Or they're really not surprising. I think. Happens surprises, everyone, so certain extent and you hear about. Dr situation, but. Returning the right direction like their team. What happened as part of athletics? And what do you think your best accomplishments that UNLV, and maybe your biggest demise? Now for me. I praised you guys at the beginning of your because I thought the recruiting job you guys did was phenomenal. Right. He had Houston coming in top player. Unbelievable. You know, get and then you have McCoy McDonald's all American you have Joe Joe more than capable to guard. I'm sure you would agree in Joe and Johnson was was a guy who was what third in the country and assist when he was a sophomore. That was a heck of a starting lineup. You guys had right in year two. We did. Yeah. We like that group. We have some holes. Like every team the country. No one's really only satisfied with their foster. But you know, we thought would made progress from your one you to be like that group a lot. You know that was a good question. You ask what was? Nor accomplishments in our demise. You know kinda short around. You know, a kid come through your your your system there for four years. But we were just really proud of the kind of kids we brought in campus program excited kids, they became and graduating guys and doing one the class. We just had a really good group of guys that thought represented our our City University a good way. And you know, what maybe that's not spoken as much as it should. And I'll give you credit where credit is due. There were these kids they're graduating their good students. You didn't hear them getting in any sorts of trouble on campus or off campus? And that's a credit to you guys. No doubt about it. And I don't think anybody criticized you guys for that. If anything it people like me, and I'll be honest, I criticized for the way season two ended losing your last five games in conference. And then losing in the quarterfinals of the tournament. I thought you guys had too much talent for that to happen. And then I heard that there were chemistry shoes. And a lot of teams have to go through stuff like that. And then this year. Yeah. You had some promising kids. I thought juiston getting hurt. Maybe if juiston doesn't get hurt. Maybe the season ends. Differently. Is that fair to say? Yeah. He's a player and near the year before his top ten nation. Rebound in field goal percentage. He just he presents a different dynamic when you've been your lineup. And when you take them out online, but we did we had we had to make some adjustments, and we can make address. Guys. I think Joel really took off in one of the best him. In terms of the rebound in the toughness. And he's also gave us the guy that can score. There's back get natural. Sure. That was something. We were missing this year. And excuse me, we shot the ball pretty well at times. But. Didn't shoot the ball while you were to look into that. Like, I'm the block and core would have given us that and. Yeah. It's again, injuries part of it and everything deal, right? You know, what happens at the beginning of this? You got got some time to get guys in the different rhythm are different role sort of speak for it happens in the middle of the year. Which happens a lot of teams? Right. You know, there's there's a learning curve there. No, no doubt. How quickly no doubt. If you're just joining us, a former UNLV assistant coach Eric Brown joining us under. He was under Marvin Menzies. Okay. So let's try to put some rumors aside here. And then this is the last question I'm gonna ask you to the day. You learned that you were relieved of your duties there along with Marvin Menzies I heard a rumor that Marvin Menzies went into France Woz office and asked for a two year extension. Is there any truth to that? Or was it just one of those situations where she just asked to become in the office and said, hey, I gotta let you go. I mean, can you tell us exactly what happened there? Yeah. I heard that rumor and go in the office on Friday, and that's the first day of of your season ending your boss on Thursday. Friday. I'm like, okay. I'm taking my kids school on right? Come back on Monday. But I never heard that at all. Okay. So that didn't happen. Okay. So what's what's the first thing that Martin if you can share with us that Marvin Menzies tells you in the group, what would you get a phone call from them? How does that even work coach we have some people that are coach reach out to the people who weren't directly there in the office and kind of told us, you know, we're we're not acting. You haven't seen meeting with the guys and and. Coach's great coach phenomenal person is really strong leader. He was awesome in that room yet. Can you share with us anything that was said there can you share with us coach? I if you can if you are what any of the kids said, I would imagine a lot of the kids were surprised. Yeah. I think it's a surprise. You know, everybody when that happens, but. You just said, hey, you know, it's it's time for us. Unin? It wasn't one of those deals where you're sitting. You know, you kinda wonder why or you just want that moment in the last moment together really cherish it. And we just we think the kids and thanks guys for being who they are. And allowing us to coach. And I was kind of it was really really gal who's marvelous was really strong. Did a great job. Eric this Ron trolleys sympathize with your job here have been a Vegas thirty five years. So I so I've seen things happen with this basketball program, and I certainly sympathize with with with what you guys are going through with what you've had to go through an and the difficult nature of this position over the years. But where from here for you. And for Marvin Menzies, do you know yet, what are your plans? What are you heard about Marvin is he where is he planning on heading? Yeah, we we, you know, we all communicate consistently, and you know in this. We're kind of getting in April. You know, there's a lot of what is what does his job opens up this coach leasing? Yeah. I think today there were eight openings alone. And so you kinda just. Hey, sit back and try to position yourself for different locations different spots near you network. You're on the phone of town and just try to get out ahead of stocks. And it's. I just wanna stay in the loop. Sure. Many things as possible. I've I've heard from a lot of people say that, you know, Marvin showed a lot of classes throughout this process. You've shown a lot of class, and again, I don't want to bring up a negative. But I feel like I have to ask you about this because obviously on your staff coach leflore went on Twitter. And and we spoke a little bit about this off the air. But each said some things on Twitter that maybe I don't think you would say or Marvin Menzies would say, certainly everybody's entitled to their opinion. Right. But in a way, he went after the fans a little bit. What did you make of that? Have you talked to flora what did you make of that whole situation? Why didn't I haven't read everything? Put out there. I kind of heard about it. But, you know, Andre the hundreds of really good friend. He's a phenomenal co worker. He is he's someone that he's won national championships. And I've learned a lot working with him working side by side. Some. Oh, yeah. We real handle the differently. And and you know, I'm at the stage, right? As I need to move on. You know and understand that. Andre Andre Andre is really good for the kids. You know? He's. She played the game. He's worked under hall of fame. Coach. I mean, he did a lot of good things for the guys on off the floor in terms of mentoring them and. All that other stuff. That's out there seeing. I'm seeing all that stuff. But I'm not real knowledgeable about it. Okay. I'll look look back. Oh, Dave rose today, by the way, BYU retired or was forced or whatever. So that. Interesting rather significant west coast change coming there at BYU when that happens. But okay, I I want to go back to one of the most interesting things is and I grew up in southern California. So I grew up I grew up in hacienda heights Wilson high school. So San Gabriel valley van Nuys high school you coach Gilbert arenas. They're one of the great NBA players fun NBA players. So, you know, talent you see talent you worked with you've developed, and I like this part developed talent certainly is very important..

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