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Program for residential patience and what we learned in survey and patience. Is that patients really. Were interested in receiving some type of therapy or care for of nicotine addiction about one in four adults in the. Us has some form of a behavioral health condition and smokes. Nearly forty percent of all cigarettes consumed by adults according to the centers for disease control and prevention. I'm audio ramlogan. Governor andrew cuomo uses third installment of the state of the state address wednesday to take on beating the challenges of climate change cuomo announced that the new york state energy research and development authority will contract for two new austral projects generating twenty five hundred megawatts of clean electric power the largest offshore wind project in the country. Joe martins had z. New york offshore wind alliance in calls that a quantum leap forward toward meeting the goal of nine thousand megawatts by twenty thirty five as mandated by the climate leadership and community protection act. The governor signed in july. Two thousand nineteen are less than two years out in the state as already contrasted for almost half of that together also announced contracts for twenty four new solar projects that will generate a total of about twenty two hundred megawatts of power. I'm andrea sears. Reporting and finally. Are dan but tells us to help. The next generation of farmers a west virginia community formed. Group is raising funds to acquire land for future growers in a former coal region. The west virginia grin commons looks to buy an eighty two acre farm in fayette county with a ninety nine year lease according to ian mcsweeney with the agrarian which is working with the mountain state group. He says the average age of farmland owners is about sixty five and the cooperative farm will lower cost to make it easier for new growers to enter agriculture. production listing. farmers are aging out. The cost of farm land and farming is considerable which leads to thirty seven. Mid size farms day closing is just financially unsustainable for farmers tax it and next generation farmers to take over in a state with twelve million acres of farmland. The commons group wants to preserve appalachian agrarian way of life while also transforming formerly cold dominated land. This is my clifford for public do servicemember analyst or supported her great radio stations across the nation and align at public new service dot. Org here's a look at your local forecast from the heartland newsfeed weather center. That will be blustery conditions today with a sixty percent chance of rain. Winds gust as much as thirty miles per hour from the southwest high temperatures in the mid forties tonight partly cloudy skies with a forty percent chance of rain low in the lower twenties friday. It will be cold uncloudy. There's a slight chance of snow showers in the morning high in the mid thirties. That's the latest whittam. Checkouts more news and weather on our website at heartland newsfeed dot com. I'm ready for it to. This is gonna be an interesting fight guitars. Tough guys got some power and his fist. We saw him fight last year during the summer and had a great balance guy. I'm not sure if he's unlevel. Follow holloway when he was coming off that loss after he lost his belt. He's coming back and fighting. Were like well. Is he the same guy or he was terrible. In the first fight is he done is he. You have issues as most the this guy knows young and he came back with a vengeance. He looked great. Not fight against balkan nasty the second time i thought he won against balkan housing the second time and got robbed by the judge so now knows is going to be another situation while he got robbed night on your belts. Are you still focused or you know. Ready to comeback topper is as kind of like you know you take this guy. Like i don't think well are going to be a great fight pretty between these two guys. That should be interesting to watch. So michael chandler and hooker on that to fifty seven card and i know chandler wants title shots. I just wanna see the fight. I i'm sick of hearing about. I wanna fight for a title laughter. I fight just. Let's see a good fight yet. So weird situation the way you came in for bell tours obviously when the top guys there and kinda was put into a possible title shot when he was the backup for that fight with gigi and could be. If i love those guys. I didn't make weight or had issues are tested positive so he was ready to go four title. Technically then get it because both those guys. Obviously we're ready to go and we had that fight happen on fire island and now he's gonna be in here and finally making his debut he had some guys duck and me claims in ferguson. And some of these other guys though. It finally gets a game opponent year in hooker. And he's willing guys in that division. So you know. If he gets a win that should catapulted right there with all the rankings with all these other guys especially with guys like ferguson fully. I just don't get a title shot right away. I think i'll you know has been there and has a nice run going. So you gotta get him without shot before you give it to chandler. So you see hall of famer. Pat loosen his broadcasting. John he leaves at the capital breach. Yeah he was very clinton's with a whole bunch of people that it was know different. He wasn't with these people but ninety one. 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