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Of patriarchs and hebron is a palestinian site that it is not jewish not a jewish site whose buried their abraham isaac jacob sarah rebecca and layer are patriarchs and matriarchs and by the way is the second holiest jewish site the second the site is in danger he asks it is only in those places where israel is such as hebron that freedom of religion for all is in short in the middle east mosques churches and synagogues in every other place are being bombed in places that are not israel we will continue to protect the tomb of patriarchs freedom of religion for all and the truth following the unesco resolution the tomb of patriarchs prime minister netanyahu decided to cut one million dollars from israel's un membership funds unfortunately it's not very much money and the funds will be used to establish the museum of the heritage of the jewish people incurred arba and hebron and related heritage projects and against unesco's denial the past prime minister netanyahu is determined to present to the entire world this historical truth he says 'whereas office does see people the gia the see folks the jewish people their connection to hebron is thousands and thousands of years old so i i posed this question to you as i posed many questions during the course of all my shows you how is it conceivable to have peace with an entity that claims palestinian control over your holiest religious site jerusalem and he bre how is that possible giga know there's a new hamas leader hamas leader he's in his fifties and he's already declared war essentially on israel and said every inch of israel needs to be taken then there's hezbollah which is the terrorist arm of the salama nazi regime in tehran which is threatened to send nukes into our country and having done that barack obama said i have a great idea let me give one hundred fifty billion dollars and ten years to perfect their technology because after all i won't be president anymore the b chiselling my face in mount mount rushmore.

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