Three Thousand Nine Hundred Feet, Fifty Nine Degrees Fahrenheit, Seventy Degrees Fahrenheit discussed on Todd Schnitt


I'm I mentioned just a moment ago that it this car did break the sound barrier and I I one thing that we should note here is that the sound barrier varies by by altitude and even by temperatures so you know when we're talking about the place that this vehicle broke the record I think it was the else to to something like and I'm I'm trying to remember this off the top of my head but it's like three thousand nine hundred feet above sea level so at sea level the sound barrier is something like seven hundred and sixty one miles per hour and it has to be fifty nine degrees Fahrenheit. that's how particular that is right so it it changes so if you go up to between I'm gonna give you a meters measurement here not feet I don't know why I'm doing that but eleven thousand to twenty thousand meters above sea level the speed it drops down to about six hundred and sixty miles per hour at negative seventy degrees Fahrenheit so the temperatures very greatly the the speeds very that's almost at that's almost a hundred miles per hour off when you get to a different different altitude so. specifically for this record you know at three thousand nine hundred feet above sea level wins you know anti anti green piloted this vehicle is seven hundred and sixty three miles per hour he was breaking the speed yeah the sound barrier we'll be right back with more of the I heart radio or regional podcast the fast trico news radio WFLA ninety nine point one FM Steichen unlimited stream is back it out back now we turn freshly made soldes that's right steak to soldes an old should begin eight that steak sauce right side and shrimp refrain from from from from from from from from jobs if if if if if if if if if it. sure..

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