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Much the same way trying to get people to learn to be the custom. Be the customer. My wife's hairdresser. Johnny adair from time to time gets a permanent as johnny because he does his once in a while too and i said johnny. Why did you do that. And he said well out of realized that when when women get a permanent it can be an awkward embarrassed kind of uncomfortable experience. So i figured if. I did that if i got a permanent i would be able to experience what they went through and sure enough make changes in their experience so that it was much more comfortable for me. And that's that's an example of how the deepest level of curiosity is where you become the closest. You can be the person in which you are trying to build that relationship with okay. Perfect so what i do is now translate that or are folks into things they can do and i just have to say you rang my bell certainly about the boxes. People who know me know my big beginning at lands end. We actually turned the big shipping boxes. That we'll do a kyle cheaper horse that you could ride all over the hat exactly what it is. It was going back to who we are as people not in anything about the per important you know what enough about like you and i both love. Usaa call on for example the They make everybody wear the shoes. They make men where pumps now is not a woman. You don't know how your back leg searcher area. Oh yeah curiosity. It's it's a title. What's one a customer experience leader could do to start getting out the get beyond those everyday three. Ps tallies at a meeting. Is it a conversation how to do it. i think i think it can be a meaning. It can be a conversation but more than that. It's the it's the context in which you create it so that you get the good stuff you get the most important invitation or what i think it is. I think it's an invitation or it might be and it might not be the customer. It might be somebody who really knows the customer It's like my good friend. John long straight was the general manager of a hotel and he money getting the data he wanted like. How was your day fun learning anything. What did he do. Focus groups with the taxi drivers. It took his his Gas to the dfw airport after their stay because he knew they were going to be honest with taxi. And so there's an example of. Let's bring in taxi drivers once a quarter and feed them breakfast and pick their brain. Here's the cool thing about that. And this is what i won't people think about. Is he won. Just getting an understanding of the customer. He was getting insights because what he realized is what they were saying is. Customers didn't just report sort of negative things to what it really meant for example. If the towels they had i had smelled a little scores like they'd been in the dryer too. Long housekeeping. what was really worried about. Oregon is a fire starting in housekeeping or if they saw Decimals under the bed. What they really worried about our there bugs moran so it went from what you see and what they say to. what's really are they. Meaning what's behind that. So i think part of that curiosity is the search for insight that i saw the at a much deeper level than just looking for superficial understanding. And when you take the relationship that low that deep now you're building the kind of safety that customers. I'll tell you another thing. I'll tell you another thing. And now you're involving them in a level that partnership level where they go. Have you ever thought about doing this. Have you thought about doing this and so again. I think it's all about that kind of setting context to build that sense of safety. Okay perfect important. What you just said curiosity in one of the things that we're learning in kobe world is we need to move from validating what you said if you send a story. How would we do. Well they're just going to say well where you're not going to really understanding what's lying underneath. Now this requires a leadership and organizational shift also to be fearless about learning more than just how they're doing right. It's an open mindedness. That has to happen. So you gird your loins before you go out masks. Those questions is is is it. Where and yeah absolutely and it's getting leadership to be the out there doing that. I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a number of years with marietta. And i got to spend time with bill marriott and i watched him you know. Even in his mid eighty s he was visit one hundred properties a year and I'm sure he's still. Vincent visits him. But the what. What i've noticed is when he talked to customers and employees it was like they were board members at the residence with humility and respect and curiosity. And tell me what see. And what does that look like. And so it was a quest for taking that conversation to a level that fell compassionate felt pathetic and really felt a sense of kinship. You know repore comes from the old french word that means kenge. How do we build kinship with our customers. And and so. I think that's that's what that's what the great leaders do you know. They don't just take an empathy wall. They take they take a walk where they were there constantly. Learning they spend time out there with the front line. Bill would say you know leaders. Don't spend time with the front line that make you feel better. They spend time to out there to learn and so it's that learning quest for learning which is another manifestation of curiosity is never ending learning about what's important to the customer what they see in their world and we don't have many leaders that do that. They're busy in their meetings in the regular. Yeah so for leaders out. There are leaders out there wherever you are. You want to build curiosity. You have to create the attitude shift for the quest grind with your leaders and getting them open to understanding why they're listening to get a good score. It's unch and open your mind and be fearless exactly in its questioning. It's it's it's a query that you lot of times when people interview customers like i kinda of know where they're going no-one marinating rather than saying i have no clue where this is going. This is fuck a treasure hunt. And and when i get a cut and sometimes customers don't know what they won't they don't think about the power of when they get with you and your together on that treasure hunt not only when great insight occurs to a collective relationship but think about the law today comes from that that's right that's right so mindshift first opening yourself up being curious and being willing to curious okay. Number two what.

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