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This is already a circus. He is the greatest showman. Why not continue it? His Eddie Alvarez, 30 made his major league debut in the first game of the doubleheader this past week. It's Baltimore Orioles playing second gave you're going to pick a team to do it again. So I guess it's Gloria. He's still searching for his first big league hit. He went Oh, for three. I don't know if he got a hit after that, but the team one he's searching easy me searching for a long time. Just ask Michael Jordan. Yeah. Through his bloodshot eyes. Can we speak of this guy in the same breath is Deon Sanders as Bo Jackson? Can we? He's a dual sport athlete. He is a dual sport athlete When you think about it, By the way, if anyone can convert Eddie Alvarez into a star, it's the Marlin said the Marlins have Dunmore with left. The models have tried to be bad. Yeah, they're like we want to be terrible. We're trying to tank and we can't stop winning. The Lions are the lines. The Marlins tomorrow line went that that was a Freudian slip. The Marlins are the Lions of baseball. The Marlins have, like gotten rid of Mohr VPs than teams have ever had, right. In 2014 Alvarez became the first Cuban American male speedskater to make a U. S Olympic team. He was a silver medalist in the men's 5000 meter Short track relay at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. That is so impressive is a winter Olympic athlete. People don't understand the sacrifices that Olympic athletes have to make. That's four years before you. That's your life. You're not getting paid. It's It's a terrible, spartan life that you have to live for one a couple of weeks of four years of making your life a sport not getting paid. The only people can relate to that is every college football player. I mean, is Apollo. Anton Ono gonna Are They gonna call him next? Maybe you crouch pretty. Well, Maybe you could be a catcher. Handle the pitching staff if you want Eric Heiden's Where's he? Five gold medals. That's right, becoming until the infield with the Oaken A's he has heightened, actually became a professional cyclist and was in the Tour de France in 1986. And he's not going to make a Nazi gesture when you're coming in the dugout. Alright, guys, one hour down in the books, Matt Liner on the other side of this great Louis, his own Matt Winer, We're going to talk about the n B a bubble and maybe get into a little Lou Williams with him and talk hockey later, and maybe as again it's the Sklar brothers. Killing him for Jim Rome on CBS Sports.

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