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CocaCola Summer's not summer Without Coca Cola and your favorite foods enjoyed together CocaCola together tastes better. A fantastic race. So far, 37 of the advertised 65 laps have been complete. However, we should under the red flag for the moment for a lightning delay. We've been slowed by three cautions for just three laps. Stage one was the first caution and that was won by Chase Elliott. Second Caution came out when we concluded Stage number two. Denny Hamlin picked up that stage win and this is the middle of our third caution, which has rolled into this red flag. We've had 10 different lead changes among five different leaders so mentioned a moment ago. Denny Hamlin has led the most laps to this point in the race a total of 16 but Chase Elliott consistently has been one of the fastest drivers on the track. And as we sit under the red flag, he is the race leader and he is Alex Hayden and I am Jeff Struggle along side is Rusty Wallace. Taking shelter, But no shelter needed will explain in a minute is Dave Moody and Mike Bagley and Kyle Ricky. There in the turns and on pit road, Winston Kelly and Steve Post I say maybe no shelter needed. Why? This is dissipating in a hurry. I'm not sure that we're even going to get rain, at least not now, and we are unofficially away from about a 10 minute exploration of that 30 minute weather delay. All in all at the moment, It looks pretty good, Alex. It really does, you know, And there's varying levels of comfort that we've been ableto find out this week. We know Ryan Newman. He wanted to race in the rain, and there's other driver has said, you know, I think would be cool to race in the rain. I've never done that before. And there are other drivers that say You know what I've done that another Siri's is not as much fun as you might think. Rusty. You've raced in the rain before. Is it fun? Or is that something? You just soon? Not do? I'd rather not do it personally. I mean, I raised in the rain over Suzuka, Japan in a stock car and and actually led to race for a long time and won the Inagua race over there, But we went back to very next year and had to qualify in the rain. And I'll never forget that qualifying. The rain run 180 miles an hour down the front straightaway over there in Japan. That was crazy, But ah, these cars don't have the downforce and you look a 20 fire Daytona car with thousands of pounds of downforce, and it's raining. You can pretty well can control him. But in a stock car, you just have to simply slow up to be able to control him and run off course. A lot of guys. You don't run the line when you run a road course on with rain tires. You got to get off a line where you haven't been because the oil in the race track from all the rubber being laid down is very, very slick. So there's a complete different style. You have to drive the car in the rain. Especially a stock car on rain tires. Rusty Wallace going to put him down for a No. Anything in the rain? No, I will now but you have no no, no. What do I like it or not? I don't really joy it Alright, Racecar driver. There you go. All right back to what we were talking about, Uh, built in 1959. And we built that Great Big Super Speedway and we held the Daytona 500. And about that time. They also course at that time they put in the road course and it's been history ever since. Let's go back and revisit 1960 When they ran a race here. It wasn't a race. It was just an exhibition mission was the word I was looking for. Thank you. Yeah Exhibition exhibition race for the premiere. Siri's of NASCAR just to get out there put the cars on the track cell. A few tickets let people get an idea and kind of wet their appetite for road racing as they were preparing to start running. 24 hours of Daytona. That premiere series race back in 1960 has a lot of history about it and are Kyle Ricky will tell you most of you listening? No. The Rolex 24 is historic, first taking place here in Daytona in 1962. But two races superseded the first Rolex..

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