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And then fast forward a couple more years, and you've got the likes of sterling and rash Vard's shooting in the door with glowing the door clause that was sick Nike always has some fan frigging tastic advertisements. So I don't know if that's real because I like, I don't know if someone can physically. Or if the laws of physics could fucking allow that to happen. But like you said if one person in the world could do that. It's either the F to freestyle guys who are definitely worth a follow or Ronaldinho because that's shit. That man is the magic man. Holy crap. I I don't care if it's real freight kept. I just want to watch it. I wanna see I wanna be ignorant if it's fake. I don't care. I don't wanna know. I wanna pretend it's real. I just wanna think there's a little mystery left in the world. And for me, you know, that's just one of those things like did Ronald Ronaldinho new head off the crossbar or not. I don't have to know. And I don't want to know. So just since it's his birthday, we never really talked about Ronaldinho. But I think he has to be in the top five when you're fucked up late at night with your boys looking up YouTube videos of like chemo of of like highlight, videos and skills that have like twenty million ten million views, I think runoff Denia has to be in least top. Three. I think for me. It's always run out Dino probably on read since I'm an arsenal fan, and then probably messy, but then like current Rinaldo Sadan. I mean, the list goes on. But who would you say like you're fucked up at night. And you're like I want to watch him sick. As highlights I think Ronaldinho has to be in my top three. I I do too. And I know who my top five are because unfortunately for me, it seems like every time on fucked up and get back to my house. I turn on the TV. And I force whoever I'm with to watch soccer highlights. And usually, and I know we did that like every single weekend and our friends hockey in Haiti dude, like get like, no, no, no. You gotta see Burt camps turn here against Newcastle. Right. Except except Dom did encourage us to do that. And he would only choose Brazilians to put on. But my top five. I I'm gonna throw in a low weird ones because I'm quirky like that. I'm kinky like that. And denied knowing or just I'm swinger. I'm a swing a baby Dino number one just because watching that man play soccer. It's watching pure fun. And nothing can be Dino's ability with the ball number two on this is gonna come as prize. Ricardo could call. He was moved. Yeah. He was my first player that I vibe with and truly fucking fell in love with the style of his game. So I always put on cacao look at that. Defence splitting passes that outrages runs that he used to do when he was on AC Milan..

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