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In the home buying process and alone If it's your life rocket can And we'll certainly invite your calls 855 to 1 to four CBS 4 to 27 couple of other thoughts. Just wrapping up what I said briefly. How nice. It was last night to see a boxing match that people were excited about. That wasn't a circus act. That didn't involve anybody stealing anybody's hat, which I did find hilarious. Maybe later in the show. Will we'll play some of that audio? I know some hardcore boxing fans not happy about the promotional route that some of these fights are going. I love it. Absolutely love it. How the young people love it, too. But the other point that I made about how many fans were there last night for Canelo Alvarez is Big win over Billy Joe Saunders Saunders, by the way, taken into an ambulance. They think he busted his orbital bone. In some of my Ohio State fights down Pearl Alley. Thank God. That's one of the injuries. You don't want I mean, you could deal with a broken nose. Maybe here and there. That's still not pleasant, but the orbital bone. Not fun from what I'm told. But the other cool fact. Well, I'll say this and then some people are gonna jump on me because they're going to go. Don't you know it's a pandemic. Okay? I'm not here to litigate any of that if they're saying it's safe. To do it. I have to go on that because sports are opening up. I think Mike DeWine, governor State of Ohio, said he thinks Up in the north because we already know how the South feels about this, but up in the north. We're gonna have capacity football crowds again in the fall, So I'm just going on that. But last night over 70,000 vans, 73,126 announced a TNT stadium in Arlington, Texas. And when I read that in the morning I go Is this an old article? Is this from like, two years ago? No, this was last night. And if you listen To the crowd going nuts. When there was the stoppage when Saunders Corner basically threw in the towel because you couldn't see out of his eye and you could see I mean, he was absolutely pulverized Canela was just getting stronger and stronger. As that fight went on, so he he retains and unifies 1 68 of the guest three. The belts now It was cool to hear the fans. It just was. I don't care where you are politically on any of this. I don't care where you are, just in terms of what do you think it's too early to be opening up, or you think it should have been opened up a year ago? Nothing should have ever been shut down. Certainly. If I was on Facebook, I could find people saying both. That's not what I'm interested in. What I'm interested in is to hear that crowd. I know the UFC. Has tried toe jam in some fans here recently, they had their big UFC fight. A few weeks ago. Well, they have a fight every day now, but a few weeks ago they had I think something like was it 16,000 and Jacksonville. And that sounded cool again. Because the UFC they were the one promotion that just said they were gonna We're going to find a way to host fights they tried to work with, You know, certain governors. They tried to work with certain groups. They had fight Island. They were gonna try to go on a native American reservation. It just doesn't feel the same. I mean, when you're hearing the coach's coach, it's cool from a technical aspect, but For the uninitiated, It's just you'd rather hear the fans. And they hear the fans last night. I haven't heard anything like that. And I know we had We had NFL games that had some crowds. He had some college games had some crowds. And as we get closer closer, you're going to see more and more of this, but to hear 73,000 going nuts in a prize fight yesterday, I have to say that's one of the were using these benchmarks to see what we are in the sports world in terms of getting back to normal. That felt like normal that felt that's why I said I was this a time capsule that we open up with this. Do we go back in history? Then I read that 73,000 fans showed up so you can bet if they're doing this now, and you just heard. It's not just in the South. It's just not Texas and Florida. Now, when you hear Mike DeWine up in Ohio Say he expects capacity. Crowds get ready for it. I was at the NFL draft last week in Cleveland. That was there every day and I was behind the scenes. I was up to the stage. Uh, there were huge crowds now wasn't anything close to what it was a Nashville or when the draft was in Chicago or Philadelphia, But the NFL was very careful, and I think with the NFL was trying to demonstrate Is that we can do it again. I'm not. I'm not litigating whether this is right or wrong, but that we could have vaccinated zones that we can have pods and that we can have just throngs of people. All together again. I mean, hell, I was there in the M G K concert. That make me hip here know does that make me hip it all Pride, one of the oldest people there. But It was a concert. It was live music. It was outside and there were a ton of people and it felt like a normal concert. That you'd have outside and so we're getting Slowly but surely maybe not so slowly, especially down in Texas, where they had that fight last night, But we're getting closer closer to normality, which is good. I mean, it is good eventually. I mean, it's long if they could demonstrate they could do it. In a safe Manner than good. I know politics is still gonna be a big part of this discussion. And if I were to If I were to go on Facebook right now itself was awesome to see 73,000 people. I know the blowback I would get so I'm not going to do that. I'll stay off Facebook, and I'll even probably have to stay off Twitter for that. Because this goes back, of course, just aren't interesting to me anymore. Last time I checked, nobody's changed their mind in a year. On any of this, So why bother? But it is exciting and, yes, If this is any indication, unless there is some craziness that ensues over the next four or five months, that is unforeseen. Or it gets really ugly in forever, mutant strains or any of the variance ready that we're going to see football back to normal. Some people say Hey, football was never not normal. They had crowds last year. No, no. I'm talking full throngs in attendance and normal football again. I half expected the MBA to get back at number. Mark Human was saying he didn't understand why Given all the vaccines. We couldn't have full crowds in the playoffs. I just think the NBA is not ready for it. I think if they could have faced it in overtime, but now they're just not going to go in that direction, especially with that that pause in the action for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Uh, they're just not gonna go there for this year's playoffs, but you're gonna get some crowds. It's not gonna be like the bubble last year, where you had second rounders going off for 30 points and playoff games. And basically an au Jim. No, this is going to feel ah, little more like an MBA postseason and baseball's the one that has to phase in because it is a long baseball season. They're gonna have to try to figure that out. All right. When we come back, I promised I'd do it and I'll tell you why is excited as I am about the Brooklyn Nets in the Lakers potentially meeting in the finals. Why could be bad? Long term interest of the N ba 55 to 1 to 4 to 27, But first we get to Kevin Dexter on the update desk. See me? Yes. Fun sports flag on Anthony. Let's begin with a marquee matchup in the embassy, where the Nets were the.

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