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On Mark Roberts here Producer Jacobs here, and we have a lot to get to as usual, man. This last two weeks has been Fairly busy news cycle. To put it mildly, We're gonna get into all of this impeachment stuff. That's about to happen in just a second. But first, we should probably mention that there's been some shake ups if you want to call it that at CNN and at Fox News, Apparently, this is very typical of news channels to shake up their lineups. Right after a presidential election, and that is what they appear to have done now in Fox is case interesting, because Martha MacCallum who hosts the 7 p.m. to 8 P.m. hour, right after Bret Bear, but before Tucker Carlson. She's not unattractive. She is gorgeous. Isn't she like 60? She's 56. Maybe even 57 at this point and amazing. The only person I know better put together than Martha MacCallum, is you she? She should teach all the classes because Wow, so anyway, but that's beside the point. Rob s O Martha MacCallum up. You write on Election night And in in the aftermath, people became very upset with Fox. You know this? Right. This was obviously a huge story. I was watching in real time and turned it off. So I'm one of those people. You are one of those people. Listen, I was very, very disappointed with their coverages. Well, Bret Bear and Martha MacCallum lead their election night coverage and their debate night. They do all that They're the anchors for that sort of stuff. And ever since then, apparently, um Shit her show in particular. But all of Fox shows have taken a ratings hit. And they've seen a lot of their watchers go to news, Max and other and Owen and other platforms that those viewers believe are more fair to conservatives. And and it's not. So shouldn't surprise anyone, right? I mean, when you are antagonizing the corps base of your audience. You shouldn't be surprised at all that that core audience says CIA, right? But what's interesting is that I might myself included. I think a lot of people have been thinking. Okay, well, the writing is on the wall. Fox News Channel is clearly moving in a direction that you know most conservatives don't want to see. But now with this news about their change in the lineup, I don't know if that's the case. Maybe they are actually reacting appropriately to The ratings that they're seeing, because now what they've decided is that they're moving Martha MacCallum to three o'clock in the afternoon, which, as you know, is a demotion well at McCallum's got because Look, McCallum, I don't think really did anything. It was that idiot, not pollster, but the projector. I'm making up a word here, but that guy who called Ariza it really started with this guy who calls Arizona one second after Arizona's polls closed. Here's where was super close, like the arrogance that oozed out of that. And then I just feel like it just all spiraled completely out of control. They did not have a good night. Yes. Oh, she's got a part of you Probably believe in there going. What did I do Well, but I said, you know, I'm sure that they're looking at where did the ratings drop the most? I'm assuming that it was during that hour. And they are making the calculation that because Bret Bear from 6 to 7 is Technically straight news, and they classify her as straight news as well. They and they know Tucker's find. They knew they know Hannity's find. They knew they know Ingram's find. They're leaving those alone. But they are making a calculation that people want more commentators and I think that that's maybe the right calculation. If they want to grab people back, they need to have commentators. That are in the same genre as Tucker. Laura Hannity. I think we can all agree that Fox News started going downhill when they got rid of the side thighs at five o'clock. I think it does because of the cove it if they don't have the side views because of the Coburg like when, when? What's her name? Tantaros. Do we still don't know? We don't know where she is. And and and Guilfoyle When they left. They went with a completely different makeup of the fox at five. Like they had a marketing juggernaut. That show was a ratings bonanza. And we all know why it wasn't here. Greg got felled. I like great guns. I like him too. But we know why people were tuning in. Hello. Okay, well, whatever that is not the point, Rob. The point is that they're going to replace Martha's time slot with another commentary show that apparently is gonna have revolving hosts and I don't know if that means That there is going to be like another group of five people are like you know how they do outnumbered, which I think is another very popular show. I don't know if it's gonna be like that. Or if they really mean it's going to be a different host every night. I don't know. How do we get in on this racket way would be perfect for this. Um I don't think that they're looking at us as potential felons. But that is the major change that is happening on Fox News. That's definitely the most major change now heading over to CNN. This was the I first heard about this on Twitter and the big news. Um, well, people are looking at the various lineup changes of CNN in different ways. A lot of people are saying, Oh, my gosh, They're giving another hour to Jake Tapper. And there's treating that is like the headline Right? Like the Jake Tapper is getting another hour and Wolf Blitzer is being cut down to one hour s O. That is one of the main things, but I I thought the main thing is that White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Is now going to be anchoring on weekends. Oh, so he got himself a promotion because everybody knows what a good journalist he is, so that that's the major change for CNN. And there's been some, You know, there's been some shuffling around. That's not of huge consequence. But those are the two main things that are happening on both of those stations. The far left network CNN, MSNBC. They've got to be worried, right because Boogie Man goes away in eight days and Pete Well, we're talking this last night. He's so many people on the tune into those networks are there because of trump right? Like when he goes away the interest in in in not in politics, but for the casual average person, especially the person who hates him. They're not going to be tuning in every day. And so how do these networks who have fueled hate against Boogie Man for four years? How do they keep the attention of these people who are not inclined to watch her be involved in politics? They're not going to be able to do it. I mean, it's going to be a tall order. And, you know, theoretically, that should be to Fox News is advantage..

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