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Right here, this is not about politics kiss. Health. Emergency can't wait brought up theoretical face about better. Well never ever thought the. We have been. Reporting Daily! In, this matter of Camp Ross. And that means you have a right to come to my house and conscripts. Believe in slavery. I, am Benjamin Day? AM, Stephanie Nakajima and this is Medicare for all the PODCAST for everybody who needs healthcare. Including all the K pop fans all over the world who came together to sink trump rally. Yes for those who haven't heard. Trump headache coronavirus rally in Oklahoma. And a bunch of young people filled out fake reservations so that he ended up with an empty stadium. And it turns out, they mostly from south. Korea where they already have single payer healthcare, those lucky bastards. So today Yellow Lucky! We have a really special guest Marc Duds Ick the national coordinator of the Labor Campaign for single pair. Thank you mark for joining us. It's great to be here Ben and Stephanie. Thanks Suit. Could you just tell us first? How did you get into the single payer movement? Wow well. I was the. President of a union in the union called the oil chemical. Atomic Workers Local Union in New Jersey. That had about. Forty different. small chemical and pharmaceutical plants under contract. and. In the nineteen eighties, we began to see that and we were having more and more of a struggle on. Bargaining for health care for our members, and We, actually invited. David Himmelstein to speak our district council meeting in Nineteen eighty-eight when Jesus of the single payer. Yeah I think this is not long after they actually launched php the Physicians for National. L. Program, and You know I gotTa say when I first saw David show up I was like man. Who is this hippy doctor? What does he know about healthcare But you know he really framed. The issue. You. Know made us made me think about you know..

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