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Visitors will not be allowed for most inpatient units with some exclusions, including pediatrics, maternity and non covid End of life cases They'll reach tennis phenom Cocoa Gulf has withdrawn from the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for Covid 19. At 17 years old. She was to be the second youngest American player after Jennifer Capriati competed at 16 and the youngest Olympic tennis players since Mario and check in 2000, Orange County's mayor is lashing out after a spike in his county's covid 19 positivity rate, Mayor Jerry Demings says cases and the positivity rates are soaring. In Orange County. Today, our positivity rate is 11.2% that is nearly triple. What we were experiencing three weeks ago. Demings blames govern Iran dissenters and the Legislature for prohibiting mask mandates, which he insists ties his hands. He's urging people to get vaccinated and urging businesses to consider requiring customers to wear masks. I'm Gordon Bird, a new study says. ST Petersburg is facing a major increase in flooding in the next 12 years. It's called Sunny day flooding when regular tides create an occasional overflow. But Gary Mitchum with the University of South Florida College of Marine Science, tells the Tampa Bay to Times. Major floods could go from being a rare event in the next decade to being a weekly event or worse, Starting in 2033, the study says. It's a combination of regular tide changes and sea level rise. I'm Chris Trackman. Amazon is expanding its delivery business in South Florida. Company officials say the new fulfillment center will be in Tamarac, The 178,000 Square foot warehouse is going to Commerce Park. Its goal is to get products to customers within five hours. There is no information.

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