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No, I wanna watch that my friends are upset chill. It's really. Every time. I know it's very upsetting to watch the whole time excited, I really wanna watch. 'cause I sport her as an actress, I think she's really talented can't lie watch the kissing booth. Was like, oh my God who has his girl? She is extremely talented. I take it back every bad thought. I had she can she can really really, I know. Okay. So Jacob awardee. Is that how you say that? Yes. Okay. Grilling over them on Instagram or like, how do you follow up? I mean, I kind of like fell off of Jacob Laurie. I don't really follow them on Instagram. Like, I'm not on Instagram. I've all Sean, how do you? I don't know. I'm like not obsessed with them. I actually watched movies. Okay. Is it a thing to still cut up pictures and like porno? Okay. Yes. Okay. Everyone that either that That was was like. like uncle to do you are this. He's my number one celebrity not really what the hell Zoe kind of vaguely. Jilin hall, Florida. Oh my God. I could say I went into John and Denise for friends birthday and Patrick Schwarzenegger walked in. Okay. Yeah. With Chris Pratt. And like we were going into like it wasn't who Patrick though. Yeah. Okay. Who's sitting right across from us. Like, we are like at the corner and he's like, right right next. And we were actually so what's your huge cat for people that you're like no sentinel is twenty two ish. Yeah. Is that like the oldest like, yeah. Yeah. Like how to you? Okay. That makes sense. Liam homes are for the record look up the last song because that was like my rom com. My like okay storyline. He was like he was a younger like high teen twenty whatever house up a do you have celebrity crushes. So he would know maybe not. I'm crushing pretty hard on EMMY Rossum from seamless now. I love her. I'm not okay, fine. How's the album never left and she's on a new show on spectrum? If you. Cable. God bless just Cal. Okay. I think that's everybody else's like in a second. Major like Selena Gomez. Okay. And weirdly, Arianna Guerande, which was unexpected. But like multiple people know interesting Kyle fantasy Lena our Arianna fan yet like fan, girl. You have a little crush on him. No, not really. Wow. Not. So I can appreciate who's are. We talking about Selena Gomez. Yes. Yeah. Not the. Another sliema. Is there another one decently Lizzy, Selena this? It'll be a journey. We'll get to that another episode. There's a difference. Lena Macy recipes, so Selena Gomez, doesn't do it for you. Call me. She's pretty I'll acknowledge when people are attractive. Yeah. Those are those like the mortgage the majority of guys. Okay. Young Taft celebrity crushes now Benz a horn talk. Oh, my. Who does he like he can't go be? I won't let his blondes. Oh god. I okay. This is the thing. I feel like whatever current age you are you can own I guess now. I'm like, I really liked Christian bale. Maybe you don't know who that is barely he's like in his forty. So that I feel like you should stick within the decades you live in. Yeah. Do you angry? He if you've ever seen like daddy's home or daddy's home two like that girl DD costing or something. Okay. She he likes her opinion follows her and Instagram. There's been like a m or two don't he definitely can't hear this out. Hey, oh my God. Okay. Then Ben we'll have to have take a C and get. She's young. She's like probably twelve. Yeah..

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