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Helmet-to-helmet hit on Tommy Lee which could Vince still in office? I mean either way you know. There's two calls referenda mainly see. That's a critical human error this year. We knew you can never be close enough So this this year happens and you already know like we have no excuse to say we didn't know that You know the referee to go against us. We knew this we we have no excuse to say. Hey there wasn't a play a time and place of this game where we could've took over and never looked back. We had a couple of opportunities that we didn't capitalize upon. And it's why I'm sitting here and not preparing for this this weekend. Well maybe one more run back at it with a team that has shown a great resilience if nothing else in the meantime meantime on an entirely different subject you were playing in the pro bowl on Sunday and that was at the moment that the news about Kobe Bryant was spreading and I saw that they were tributes tend the fields and I I would just be curious to know if I may what that experience was like and what it was like being on the field knowing that was going on and the emotions that I'm sure all all of the players in that game. We're feeling right. I mean growing up you these say the greatest basketball player of all time would not Kobe. You know I didn't you'd you'd say it was Michael Jordan but I don't count argue that I wasn't there for two three hours there for four or five and I was there for the wizards Jordan. Get Get prime-time Bulls Jordan. My the greatest person that I ever got to got to see growing up was Kobe Bryant and you go from eight to twenty four and you see everything that he's done and as a suns fan. I just watched him destroy really muscle is no matter how good we got. You know whether we had Steve Nash. Stoudamire Jason Richardson Leandro Barbosa. We had squad and he got destroyed. And what the Western Dot Com conference finals. Now is our only chance to win so you watch them year in year out. Destroy everything about it and it's still want more you talk about. What Koby means to the entire tire? Sports realm is that perseverance level of never stopping never competing are never stopped competing and always striving for beyond excellence. There was a Kobe mentality for a reason. It was a koby be standard. Like you. Don't say you don't walk into rooms like hey I gotta Cam Jordan Standard. The whole world doesn't know that my guys that know that are around me know that his work ethic has his relentlessness. This of perfection just streamed so beyond. What is Kobe? Bryant Kobe Bryant you'd think about the icon that always worked hard. Took a helicopter into work early and you know was always there before everybody being there. It's crazy to say you know. A helicopter goes down the way it does. Because that's like everybody knows his regiment So we talked about that and then of course you know everything that he's he's ever going to mean to athletes. That's weird just saying that we were you know. Oh five minutes away from taking the tunnel to be announced to being it'd be having one hundred to be in a pro bowl to have having been like we're talking about the the whole locker was going up we've got you know no music playing. We've got lights flicker and we talk about. NFC about to take over the pro bowl and everybody catches the ticker from you know and then then it catches like fire. You're just sitting there like no. TMZ that is so could not be real and then you know you just sit there like the mortality rate of everybody's so it's such a fiscal thing this mind blowing. It is in many ways. We appreciate the recollections. Thank you so much for coming here today. Enjoy the rest of the week drew here. Does it have to be on the team next year. It's it's a possibility is we'll see what happens. sportscenter tonight six eastern after.

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