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Them died The reopening came under new restrictions set by the FDA an agency under investigation for its handling of the lead up to the plant closure and recall CBS is Wendy Gillette says it could take weeks before baby formula appears again on store shelves Tropical storm Alex is forming it's the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season There's a tropical storm watch up for Bermuda They're expecting the strongest wins there on Monday Hurricane specialist Eric Blake is with the national hurricane center The gun violence epidemic keeps growing CBS Adriana Diaz has the latest Police in Phoenix say 9 people were shot and one killed no arrests have been made And in Wisconsin authorities confirmed that retired judge John romer was the victim of a quote targeted killing It happened in his home Authorities say a 56 year old suspect showed up armed with a gun and an apparent hit list That hit list included Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and Wisconsin governor Tony Evers Police have identified the man who allegedly stabbed a doctor and two nurses inside a Southern California hospital emergency ward authorities say he is ashcan Amir Soleimani and he has been booked on three counts of attempted murder He's being held on $3 million bail A mere Soleimani was arrested after he was holed up in a room for hours at the encino hospital medical center two of the stabbing victims have been released the third is in fair but stable condition With the latest on Ukraine here's BBC correspondent Joe inwood in Kyiv Life has started to feel almost normal in Ukraine's capital the thick black plumes of smoke rising over Kyiv as it awoke this morning were a stark reminder this is a city still at war The mayor vitali Klitschko said the explosions had taken place just to the east of the center in the danit and districts Britain continues to celebrate the queen's jubilee which marks Queen Elizabeth II 70 years on the throne a celebration has included a special concert in front of Buckingham Palace This woman was lucky enough to get tickets Oh God.

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