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Is what is little Wayne? See Odell Beckham junior bite Odell Beckham Junie wants to galvanize the team and feels he has he may think of himself as a leader. Leader to some of this dozen, cultivate, followers, a leader to some of his cultivates other leaders, and we're not sure Odell Beckham junior can do that John is calling from Newberg, and John you're on the fan was happening. Hi, steve. How are you? Coming along, John. I by yourself. All right, good. I'm good. Can you go on the record? Would you mind making a decision for me? Who would you rather pick Herbert's from Oregon or the offensive tackle from Alabama that always projected to pick? Well because all right. I'm not the college. That's a great question. And even though I have to let you know right off the bat. I did look in on Oregon and Washington on Saturday because I was hearing and reading about just Herbert of Oregon. I was also reading and hearing about a quarterback from zuri. I was also reading. And hearing about a quarterback from North Carolina State two of the three played including Justin Herbert. And from what I understand a giants. Scout was at that game to see Oregon beat Washington in overtime. I believe it was a three point game at three point difference. He didn't have the greatest stats. He's big. He's huge as the size of a of a Rothlisberger per se, but he didn't have the greatest game and Oregon to booed is supposed to be a running team. So to answer your question out, take the left tackle. Thank you, Mike my sentiments exactly because my feelings are if you can win the Super Bowl with Jim McMahon, Trent Dilfer and a half a dozen other guys who are not Joe, Montana or Dan Marino. Dan Marino was. In one Super Bowl when he was at his most mobile and his rookie year. And never got back there again all about the football should not be called football. It should be called block and tackle offensive line. And a great defense. You have a running game you have back home. Yeah. Grudge receivers. You can move the ball down the field with a good offense of lie. And I don't care who the quarterback is whether it's manning was more than two Super Bowls already. And he's probably just as mobile now is when he was a rookie, which is not very mobile doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You can have the most mobile quarterback like mariota sack eleven times this if you are ally manning, no, you're right about everything you're talking about for. Sure, John, and I thank you for the call. If you're Eli manning who after overcome the flaws in deficiencies around you you're being paid handsomely. You're the most important player on the offense most important player on the team. You are supposed to overcome the flaws adversity. You're supposed to do the job. Yes. You do need the offense of wine you need receivers to hold onto the football. You need the defense to force three announce and get turnovers and put the offense into good field position. And Houston is just tied the game at two, but the bottom line is that. Oh, brilliant speaks. Here's the interesting thing that you're talking about I was gonna I was thinking as I was talking here, which is a dangerous thing for me to do. But the bottom line is that no. You need a good quarterback ES mobile to move the pocket to escape to be vase of from the heat and the pressure. That is coming your way. Blitz notwithstanding and make a play when there is no play to make manning used to do that. He can't do it anymore. Brillon speaks by the way, you're talking about with football football has become like touch football like flag football Brillon speaks of Kansas City had Brady down sort of. He was afraid to put them down afraid to bring him down because of roughing the passer. And that's where football has has big. That's word is now that's what it's become flag. Football touch football. And the bottom line is and Brady gets away, of course, and scores a touchdown. And we know how that game on Sunday night turned out just very thrilling and very exciting. Jimmy is calling from Waterbury Connecticut and Jimmy you're on the fan. What's going on? Hi, Steve, thanks for taking my call. I love the show. Well, thanks for being a part of it. What what can you say that? That was a great giants clip. And you're a hundred percent right about football. And how sometimes it's becoming very difficult to watch the game. And you don't even know what the rules, even nobody does anymore. On the previous show, a caller touched on a good point francesa was talking about how the whole WFAN family and WFAN radio owned a stake in the app, and I was just wondering if the whole family and the and the fan owns a stake in the app, how come like your show, and none of the other shows talk about the Mike francesa app. Well, you know, if you want to there's no reason for us. He he talks about it. Plenty. At the beginning and the middle at the end of the programs talking about the app all the time. Come and get it. That's a good point. Michael, thanks making it. I mean, if he wants to talk about it. You could sponsor the program we have some space. I may I may never hear the end of what I've just been talking about one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six hundred to call and Johnny is calling from Brooklyn, New York, and John you're on the fan was happening. Hey, Steve, thanks for taking my call tonight. I really appreciate your knowledge show the games. Thank you so much. Well, live better rethink what you just said. Well, I've been coaching since some fifteen I never got higher than the high school level. But I'm I'm in New York fan. So real quick on the giants. My kids are in their late twenties. David jet fans, you know, since they could walk and for us to say, you know, catch them to be patient is ridiculous. Any team could beat any other team on any given Sunday. And I would like, you know, your reaction tonight when I'm done. And as long as Leon Hess, the greatly on has said that one time, and I stay he's great because what he accomplished nothing. He said look guys, let's not be a bunch of losses about. And that's the thing. You know, don't show yourself in the foot be disciplined team that coach has to get into head like Postles ValuJet. Does you know, you have to be on a personal level? You somehow have to get that play to look you in the eye sometime during the year, and you have to connect with them to play for each other got to trust this guy. You know, when it becomes a friendship thing. You know? Now, you can't do it. I used to invite the kids over to my house or pizza get the multiple friends and stuff now, I would never think about this day and age because that's crazy. But you know, and that's what you know for the giants is I I just I'm lost. I wish I could be a fly on the wall. See what's going on at practice and see what's going on in that locker room. I just don't know as for the jets. Look, I think they could compete. We young team. We can't be patient. Let's go out be aggressive on both sides of the ball would like. Would you have to say that there's a number of things to say with the break that we have to take that. I'm sure over the next couple of hours will address the points that you're bringing up the one thing about Hanson. And I'm I'm sure I was just talking to somebody who had more than one has truck. And the bottom line is has with the hiring of Rich Kotite, not the smartest movie ever made. And maybe not the best owner the jets have ever had. That's for sure all he knew. But with the football and the hiring with the Rich Kotite. That's another story. We'll take a break and get back to your telephone calls and everything else as we proceed with.

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