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It yet hurley that's the thing going on now but a dozen add up for the millennials repair and leave the reading out five times a week give jackson often do you eat out speaking of adding up they've added up the numbers from the weekend box office transformers it was the number one movie but a horrible disappointment only took in forty three point five million dollars over the weekend g nowhere near the ninety seven th million which was the lowest total for the previous four transformer movies getting awful reviews they all did get bad reviews but this one getting really out here ahead all right so we've got that a tie for second place wonderwoman and cars three tied for second place at the box office we are budget new movies open in this way i bet despicable me three is the pg rated animated action adventurecomedy family sifi who feeling the rare uh steve kerr all christon wearing wig are back in this despicable me they're back to being a bad guys in this one off the house opens with welfare on amy poehler jeremy renner and others in our raided comedy about a dad convinces his friends to start no legal casino what i'm really looking forward to is the are rated baby driver after being coerced into working for a crime boss a young getaway driver find themselves taking part in a high east doomed to fail this one looks the previews anyway look yeah and i've been hearing of buzz about its spacey mojo lead in this cast and amityville the awakening goods as well if you're looking for a pg thirteen horror thriller so latvia to think about about what will be number one norio next weekend and we'll get europe official dick sean coming up some stories just you know you just can't make things up you read them go really did you know.

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