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They come from your parents and your your lineage or heritage the culture culture you are raised in and so your lack of willingness to confront. It's like Mommy or daddy or both right. These it starts to be pin the tail on the donkey. Okay and start to understand. You didn't invent this Ray You didn't invent those blue eyes either honey right so you're born into evolution Aleutian of your parents and so many of the ways we Li- came from them Right so it's it's deeper and it's a way to connect to your whole history and really make the change that they didn't make I make a joke. Here's this geography. What do you think's going to happen? First World Peace Ace or the end of lying I think world peace comes. No lying is like Yeah Lauren. Take that one on. Yeah that sounds so you know yeah. Woo Pat Honey. Lots of work to be done and don't worry I don't have a lot of competition. Yeah I was. Nobody wants my lane. Yeah Okay so you have inner you life in love yes. So that's your online course crowd to different course two different courses I have I I twenty years of work. I have two totally different like my basics is inner you life which goes into the twelve areas. Gets you to really work on your whole life gets you to understand your inner dialogue breaks at outbreaks out the everything right like basics of handle. It's really the book but really operationally unspoken to you and gives you all the assignments and has you be able to meet people and Buddy and take classes once you pay your tuition once. You're in for life well right. So that's actually how. I finally made my work. Not like my hourly rate is more than the whole. Damn course houses. Yeah so it's that's this is how I figured out to reach people and it's even my best work so even make the people who pay that hourly rate listened to it and because it's you know it's good and then the love love one is entirely different content okay and It really goes into your head your heart and your your history about relationships so you stop having a bad picker you really figure out what you want in the area of love you really get. I do a whole thing on sex and I make people face how awkward we are about talking about it and dealing with it. I go way into to there. It's an entirely different program. Okay cool well thank you for that Info and final question. What do you think is you kind of mentioned briefly? The difference between a little bit the difference between therapy in a life coach. Yeah like what do you think I mean obviously okay. You're a little biased. But what would you recommend to people like. Do you think that it's they should do. They should do one before the other. You think what do you think he gets depends on breath. Therapist wants to talk you through learning things and seeing things and having insights through your story the way you tell it the way you talk about. I like it's it's a very self actualising learning about how you think right now. That is not what I'm doing. I'm making you take over over the story so you can change the story. A hundred percent like author right so ours is so different than therapy. I'm not going into your narrative. Live to expand and make it smarter and evolve your continuum of the way you tell the story. I'm literally rebooting you and I making it all about actions and what I call personal integrity like keeping promises to yourself chasing your life so they. They're very different breath. Many people love their therapist and love me and they don't go it competing at all because I'm so bossy on introduce for your current life so you're actually doing things and a therapist isn't really doing that they're explain your thought right like Lauren. Are you exploring someone's father and I'm like like not very long. No but in some ways yes so. It's very different very different. Did that answer yeah. I think that's good to know I've been. I'm curious about that and I think some people like if you're depressed and you believe in depression right. I'm more like you're depressing right and if you I started to take the right actions and if you're like I can't I can't get out of bed I believe you. There really is mental illness and that is that is definitely a job for a therapist. Yeah Yeah for sure. Different different things for different people. Yeah and IT'S I. I mean I. I was with someone who does coaching last night. Nine and she was just coming out of her group therapy and like she loves group therapy and she loves learning and feeling and crying and going there. So it's also not what I do is personal MEA que. Good to know. Well thank you so much for coming online. We really appreciate it. Let everyone everyone know like where they can buy your book your course where they can find you and connect with the absolutely so my book is maybe. It's you Lauren Zander. That is the cheapest this way to get me. I'm sure it's like less than twelve bucks right now by the book But if you want to do the course that's inner you and it's just inner Jenner and then a u dot right like so it's dot com and its inner you life and we have inner you love. We even have inner you student coming out. Oh Yeah just for dealing in college and all of that sneezing actually because we've been doing that for twenty years And then we have Enter you career and again inner Yukari you can buy inner you career right now. You can buy Internet you love and interview life. All of those courses sources totally exists interviews. Student is coming out in April. Okay okay soon yeah very soon. Yeah but you could just go look handle group and it'll lead. Did you all roads lead to things you can find on him. And then we have lots of content get our newsletter we do facetime lives and instagram live relying hang in lots of guests and fun people. So if you're into this than please come join US amazing. I was looking into all of your stuff your instagram like watching and I'm like we could talk about so much like there's so much talk about but I feel like people will get a lot of value from this like what we talked about with lying. I think that's such a unique. The thing that no one thinks about nobody wants my lane. Yeah no one. No one's done with their lives like you know no one lane right. Unless you've done it you don't I want to talk about yeah right and even. Aa doesn't want to talk about. No one who wants DOC I love it. I love the concept. Okay so you guys can go follow along with Lauren. Get any for courses. If you're interested our instagram account for our podcast. At what we said podcast. If you guys don't pull her instagram what are you doing get Outta Thais so well Also if you're feeling really generous you can go leave us a rating and review. Just if you're feeling nice But that is going to be it for this episode. Thank you guys for listening. And that's what we said bye bye..

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