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Sits burger cps dot com. Breaking news before we continue whether beautiful evening for baseball traffic talk about riding the buses and the crew. Do you believe it's 6 20 wtmj? Back with you as we wrap up the on deck show built by Menards and reminded that West Bend donates $50 to the MAC fund. Reach double hit by the Brewers West Bend this silver lining Time for the injury reported is presented by the orthopedic associate Self Wisconsin. There is a difference and help Perdomo is in the midst of a rehab start right now for the good rehab assignment, I should say right now for the crew down in Triple A Nashville Lorenzo Cain. Still little ways away from getting back. Maybe at some point in early July, maybe before the All Star break. Certainly around that All Star break for Lorenzo Cain. That'll be good news for the Brewers when it happened Spread Anderson. They're thinking maybe 10 days to two weeks before he's back as well for the Brewers. Adrian Hauser's finishes warm up tosses. We're ready to get this one underway and stepping into the play by players. Bob Bucher. Alright, lane. Thank you very much on this front cast, once again is authorized by the Milwaukee Brewers. His baseball glove intended solely for the entertainment of our listening audience, any rebroadcast or other use without the express written consent of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball club. Or habits habits and wrote here is strictly forbidden. And if you are one of your family members are injured, you'll need a good law firm on your side..

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