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Being the change that you want to see we talk about michelle obama's admonition that people should get involved nira do you see the obamas getting more involved i have so i think they are uniquely inspiring not just to democrats but to the whole country and i think the contrast between the demeanor and adulthood i think which show i would call it president obama and what we're experiencing day with down trump is really important i appreciate president obama's interest in being in the news every day and not being the foil for donald trump then i think you'll see as he did for rough north them and in other races at think you'll see more in the summer in the fall of him campaigning for democrats i think the obamas recognized that the twenty eighteen election is the most important midterm we've ever been through every day we know republicans will not hold this president accountable if we care about accountability rule of law democracy we need people to vote on election day and the president and mrs obama can both inspire that kind of action president of the center american progress lena taylor wisconsin state senator thanks to both of you for joining us tonight tonight's last word is up next time for tonight's last word according to the washington post advisers are concerned the special counsel robert muller told president trump's lawyers he is only a subject of the russian vesta gatien to bait trump into an interview that could put him in legal trouble and apparently it's not the first time they've tried to bait him.

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