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A lot of kids coming on that. Don't have dads in coach to step in and beat a dead demeo figuring their life but that problem that we could fix we get a all people we could fix. Men just need to step up. Yeah i couldn't agree more kid. Also what is it like for you to have your dad in your corner here at your fights and be with you in this process. What's it like to have him by your side during this is good because it's like Ever somebody that really cares about you in your corner. You know somebody. I want you to excel in is not there. Just earn a paycheck. You know he's there for your well being and It's kinda like having like a best friend is like if i'm feeling you know low nervous. Whatever i get like a little lecture. I how good i am or whatever so it's good for my confidence in you know also just having a a role model there to support you. Yeah very cool i. Why did you initially introduce your son into the sport of boxing at such a young age. What was your interest in introducing into to the game to the sport. I learned from my dad in so it was always passed down. But it appoint Homeless so i had to figure out what trade could. I teach my son how to play basketball. Football nine orlando knew how to do is fight so i was always at the gym and he started picking it up in once he started picking it up be realized he had a talent. He stuck with u. Wow incredible a- and then won't how come you know you're young here. We have the olympics coming up. This summer was ever a dream of yours or a passion to try to go full amateur get into the olympics or your your desires always determined pro. What made you make that decision. All right where are you buying the meat that nourishes you and your family supermarket but now thanks to bell campo it comes straight to my door. And it's far better and healthier than what was used to. And thanks to my new partnership bell. Campo i last fatherhood. Listeners can now benefit.

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