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XXY FM ninety six point one eight to Oklahoma City. the fatal shooting of a fifty year old man of the northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex police responding to reports of gunfire about five thirty on Saturday afternoon found the victim's body out the complex near north west tenth and Tulsa authorities say more than a dozen rounds had been fired at the apartment the victim's name has yet to be released at another body found in a drainage ditch in northwest Oklahoma City a lawn crew discovered the body yesterday near north fifty six and Claussen no word on whether the death was from natural causes just last week another body was discovered in a drainage ditch in the nearby area ending state Senate confirmation the department of public safety is a new commissioner governor Kevin stead has appointed John Sculley to succeed rusty roads Scully had been the director of the Oklahoma bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs control a deer creek high school senior safe today after she says a male suspect she remembered from high school held her at gunpoint and forced her to withdraw six hundred dollars from an ATM happened Friday night near northwest sixty third in Portland the girl said she got the money out the suspect then took it at her cell phone and fled police have yet to release the suspect's name and I man accused of raping an eleven year old arrested in Texas county is being held in Guymon thirty one year old her Rodel bias obelus was booked into jail on two counts of child sexual abuse two counts of lewd molestation and one count of rape by instrumentation the Oklahoma state board of investigation says the child and obelus lived in the same home but are not related the incidents allegedly happened last may I make in bishop in other news the second of two barges that crashed into a dam on the Arkansas River.

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