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Tina was scheduled to have a long away to title rematch against Rogers who had won the title on may seventeenth nineteen sixty three and forty eight seconds of Madison Square Garden before sellout crowd of more than eighteen thousand fans their disputes as to whether or not Roger suffered a heart attack. That's the story Rogers claimed to many people including myself that he'd suffered the heart attack shortly before the first say Martino match and went to the ring and just got it over with within seconds at Saint Martino has always climbed. The story wasn't true that commission. Doctors would not have allowed him in the ring. If that were the case, did you ever hear this rumor that may be but he had a heart attack? Or did you just assume that was not the case? Well, hate to speak ill of the dead. But I I heard you heard the store. Everybody heard the story back in the time. They're always two camps. That believed that buddy just didn't want to do the job and he wanted to have a legit excuse. And a lot of times back in the day. You would have these underlying stories so that people had an out? So that a guy could have an outdoorsy funk junior had the quote freak accident on the ranch before he was set to drop the belt Jack Brisco eventually dropped it to Harley race because of the accident the buddy Rogers, heart attack scenario. Same thing. I I think that buddy probably fabricated that a little bit. So that he would have a story as to why he was even dropping the championship Bruno at the time. So there was a lot. You know, there was just so much controversy because buddy had been the NWEA champion and Liu says had defeated him for the title. I think in Toronto or wherever the hell that was and then buddy was still being represented as world champion for Vince senior. And now Bruno wins the title. It was a New York play in a lot of rumor in in innuendo and all on all sides back in those days, man, it's like Bruno would probably till his dying breath present that when he won that that he went out and just beat buddy. I went out and just took it from him. We'll work. It was a war. Well, some sorry. But that's just the way it was in those days. It was it was different world. They protected the business at all. Every every way they can the rematch was set for October fourth nineteen sixty three Bruno, and buddy, and it was moved from Addison Square Garden outdoors to Roosevelt stadium in Jersey City because they expected a record setting crowd. And obviously they're doing strong television as well. But just a few weeks shy of the show. It's announced that due to heart problems Rogers has been pulled from the show and now tournament would be held on television to create a new top contender sponsored by ring magazine, and we would see monsoon destroy everyone and less than a minute including the top heel buddy Austin in the finals. So we finally get burn..

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