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Wait, wait, don't tell me the New Yorker radio hour this American life radio lab snap judgment, the Ted radio hour freakonomics radio. This incredible mix of shows that we get here on the weekend. This only happens. Thanks to your support were asking for you to pitch in this morning and help support. Wait. Wait, don't tell me and everything at WNYC with a call to eight eight eight three seven six. Nine six nine two or with an online pledge at WNYC dot ORG. Even all those shows that you mentioned that that sounds quite expensive. It is for not already. Yes, it is definitely not free. But it's not expensive to become a member of WNYC. We're asking for maybe five dollars a month or ten dollars a month or fifteen dollars a month. Put a value on your listening and support WNYC, and whatever pledge level, you can we have a special on. That's will expire very very soon. We will thank every single pledge with a can of Brooklyn, roasting company. Coffee, specially roasted for WNYC. It's called right on early morning radio alarm clock blend. That's what's on the label their days or enough room for that. Got a lot of lot of beans in there. But you have to you have to contact us before noon, and that is just about twenty seven minutes away. And that's at any pledged level. Also, it's in addition to any other thank you gift that you may choose you can check those all out on our website, WNYC dot org. You can make a pledge there as well. Or you can call us up at one eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine to and that's only until noon to get the coffee bonus. And yeah, just about twenty six twenty seven minutes to go. You can ask for the brand new public radio nerd mug Rican. Thank you with that at the front Coffey with it's perfect for the coffee available at the twelve dollars a month giving level at says public radio nerd in huge letters on. It also has the NPR logo and the.

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