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And buy it. I think i really recommend it and as always finds airplane geeks dot com. If you want to go straight to the show notes. Yes we have a link that redirects you to the show notes for this episode. That's airplane geeks dot com slash five six four yana sense email. We're at at the geeks it airplane geeks dot com always look for us on twitter and facebook and bunch of other places so we're out there. Let's is tell folks where they can find each of us individually online max trescott. How about you. You know i don't think i have ever mentioned some of the online courses that i have available and if anybody's interested in learning about the garmin g one thousand or about whilst the wide area augmentation system to fly its approaches using waas go ahead and head head out to pilot learning dot com which is one of my websites and of course <hes> if you're interested in general aviation checkout the aviation news talk podcasts at aviation newstalk dot com great in david vetter half. How about you. You can find me on twitter you can find me on facebook and of course <hes> you can find me on the slack listener team and we'd love you to for you to be part of that and you can do that by sending female to the geeks at airplane geeks dot dot com and we'll send you an invite so you can see those pictures from maine ahead of everybody else likewise you can find me with max flight flight whoever that is <hes> talking about <hes> drones on friday mornings on the u._a._b. Digest terrific look for me. Eh on twitter at max fight also on linked in at the u._a._v. Digest dot com like david says end with mary kirby at pax x. ex- podcast dot com talking about the passenger experience i e mail you want to reach me is max flighted airplane geeks dot com otherwise just use our two gigs at airplane geeks dot com email address so please join us again next week as we talk aviation on the airplane geeks podcast by everybody. Keep the blue site up and thanks for listening <music> <music>..

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