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Actually could have lowered the market for wings? Like could this save the bruins a little bit of money potentially? I think it can in terms of the bruins and the fear of him going to market. That being said, let's say we get to the worst case scenario and we get to next summer and posture Mark hasn't signed an extension and wants to go to market. The rooms don't trade in by that point, which I have to imagine if they found out that he is going to market. I don't think they want him to walk for free. I still would not be surprised at all if pasta gets on the market and someone gives him ten and a half, 11, 11 and a half. You have to imagine. I think it is definitely a surprise in terms of as soon as they announced that goudreau was going to Columbus. I think I figured out who first broke it, but it was, you know, God drove pic Columbus. Okay, what's the contract? I think we were all imagining. All right, if he's not going to Calgary, and he wants to go somewhere else. It's not a place with hometown ties like Philly or the islanders or anywhere close by. Before I get into what, 12 million, 12 and a half. I think it was. That was what I thought. Yeah, I think so that was the most surprising thing is just what the payout was for him to go to Columbus. So I think it definitely helps in terms of maybe setting pots around value a little bit. But that being said, I think you look at it's so tough one to just predict this market too because going to this frequency. Do we think guys like good Branson were getting four and four for contracts? You've seen quite a bit this year, especially if people throwing a ton of money at defensemen or what have you. If it got like positive marks on the market and he's a guy that scores goals can give you 40 goals easily year in year out of his healthy is a really marketable player. Has that offensive flare? I think there'd be a lot of teams if they have caspase would be lining up to pay him double digits here. So definitely helps that let's say goudreau didn't set a new tier of let's say it's 12 and a half, 13 million, of course. And David money. Yeah, that'd be good in terms of it's not something that pots are not in his agents like JP Barry can look at and be like, all right, like you want to stay with Boston and they want you back. I'm just saying, you could probably get 9, 9 and a half from them, or just 13 million waiting out there. They don't have that actual barometer of that tear in front of them, which I think helps out the bruins, but it's all going to come down to I think the ball's been passed in terms of what he wants because if he wants to stay here, he is going to get paid. Resisting the temptation of what could be out there if he wanted to hit free agency in 2023.

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