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I might as part of a couple of times in grade one company, if the ground was good, he's probably wanted the normal decent price for Williams as well. So he probably overlooked in the market because he'd be beaten on the last three starts twice, but in 1912, but that's not to say you can't rule well. You probably closed the gap on decent ground as well. Yeah, I'm glad you mentioned him because they thought he'd win the Martin pipe last year. It didn't happen. They thought he'd win the Galway hurdle. He was desperately unlucky. And I've been impressed with him over fences. There's nothing wrong. We're finishing second to Jerry colon, who I think is going to win the brown advisory and there's nothing wrong with the last day either. For forecast purposes and exotic purposes, he's definitely a player. And the 20s is long gone, so that Kelly warrior elite hump adamantly chosen bet that also has appreciated for the wrong race and sir Garrett for the wrong race. Maybe a little bit of life, but exotic purposes only each way only. I think it's on the current going, it's between muddy Potter, band bridge, and appreciate it. If it's soft ground, it's mighty Potter and appreciate it. In my opinion. Mayor chase. Yes, we're talking about novice chases, but there's a couple of novices in this race as well. And it's a fascinating renewal. Of the race. So the best thing currently with beta, as we record, sees allegory de vasi. 6 to four. As the best price that you can get, she's a general 11 to 8 chart, and she's only going in one direction, and that is shorter. Impervious for Colin Murphy, another one who is an expensive acquisition by JP McManus as he assembles a really strong cheltenham team, Colin Murphy's only got one entry for cheltenham and it is this mayor, she is 7 to four with bed duck. Govern crumbles, Jeremy's flame is a 5 to one shot, magic days for Henry bromhead tens. Would have this option as well. It sounds like they're going to go brand advisory, but maybe the skeletons would choose to go here instead. And you can get 14s with bet Doc as we record about her. Your thoughts on the mayor's chase, the second last race of cheltenham 2023 poll. I think the fact that last year's winner Ellie may is what double figure price. Tells you you'll see second in the first when you did the year before as well. So I think that tells you the quality of this year's field. Germany's fleeing is probably solid one if you don't want to get involved with one of the two novices who top the market and move on to them short legal. I thought you were hunting down the day Jeremy's flame on youth absolutely bolted up. She was pretty impressive on decent ground and beat a fair yard sticking down Bella. It was room well and tweed skirt with novice as well. Bella is obviously grown well in this race before. Finish for the last year. I was in good form of monetary starts and Jeremy's flame traveled all over, so Kevin Cromwell's obviously enjoying a really good time of late, so if you want to decide with experience over potential she will be the way to go again, I think, even though she's won on software and thinks she's. A whole lot of decent service, both goods and software and it's probably quick enough I hold and teach you travel really well traveled all over. Sam Bella, so if you say if you look into a pose, you can experience pairing, she definitely be won, but again, she's not the one who the market's causal for this year is around. To one ten to one, not so long ago. And I think so through these might well have availed themselves to the fact that she will be the way option if experience captures the two novices out. So it's not surprised and really to see a carbon price in recent days and weeks. What do you make of the top two? Allegory diversity and impervious. Who do you favor? I think that natural talent, I think she's probably not far off or any of the horses we've spoken about throughout the whole show. To be honest, I think she'd have been to be well up to taking a chance and it's a fact I think impervious could have easily been given the Turner's entry to be honest on the back of the boys would be journey, which he was given journey with me a pound when she'd eaten because she was penalized in that race of punches. Which changes its name every year but I've been a good guard here and has been recent years. And while carefully selected in the recent years, but edge opens good. One thing I'd say is maybe a she's quite quick. Just whether if this became a really strong, we're all nice on one. I think again, we're not going to be the biggest field, but. Maybe have a quite a slight question mark of ultra stamina. An extended two and a half. She seems to improve for the self open trip to three and a half. We'll just handle a safe. I'll just have that on my mind. And she is quite a pacey man for two and a half. So a bit that I mind, obviously, better ground. Maybe

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