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Visit JD power dot com. Rates subject to change two percent received a discount rate. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states MLS number thirty thirty. Jersey one at one point five the weather looks pretty vile the next few days, but I think it is going to be a little bit on the rainy side. We'll see the chance for some rain showers is because the night lows dropping down to the fifties, mostly sunny weather ahead for Wednesday. Highs up in the sixties and a look ahead to Thursday, a good deal of sunshine lows in the forties. And after high in the upper sixties end of the weekend. Friday showers are could be a few thunderstorms as well Friday. Sign up in the sixties and sun-filled skies over the weekend is an upper sixty s I'm meteorologist Mark tibido array, we add GATS me two degrees in Somerville. Sixty two degrees in Avalon, sixty nine degrees in English town fast. Traffic instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one zero one point five New Jersey weather made possible I play American for with top golf swing. Sweet grand opening on Friday may third featuring six unique bays with game simulators for golf hockey, dodgeball, baseball and football with loud, seating, food and beverage service in a luxury, suite learn board, I play American dot com slash Dow jazzy what? One point five percents. A town hall and autism Thursday night, April twenty fifth seven PM Eric's got to be joined by experts on the air and on nj one zero one five dot com to help to help you get the help you need. Listen, click or Kuala in enjoying this important conversation. One eight hundred three eight three one zero one point five yoda's means Scott's missing draft. Eight two eight three one point five. I think we'll be in commercial break.

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