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Birthday, you are sharing it with retired NBC news correspondent, Tom Brokaw. Born on this date nineteen forty seventy nine years ago. I had only one objective to get it. Right. When I failed. It was firstly painful, and there was no greater urgency correction actor Mike Farrell from mash is eighty years old today. Actress crystal Reed of teen wolf is thirty four actress Anna Diop of twenty four legacy is thirty one and singer Tanisha is twenty six. It was on this day. Nineteen Ninety-one actor Danny Thomas died after suffering a heart attack at his home in LA. He was seventy nine years old. It was on this day. Nineteen ninety three tennis hall of Famer and human rights advocate. Arthur Ashe died in New York. He was only forty nine years old. It was on this day nine hundred ninety eight singer guitarist. Carl Wilson of the beach boys died of complications from lung cancer in LA. He was fifty one. It was on this day. Same year nineteen ninety eight singer Falco. Was killed in a traffic accident in the Dominican Republic. He was only forty and probably best known for his song. Rock me. Amadeus. And it was on this day in twenty eleven Christina Aguilera, bats the words to the national anthem before the Super Bowl. She said she just got lost in the moment w w j news time eight twenty four we have an update of your money coming up next. There were smoking sections on airplanes in restaurants, and then gradually it got to be where.

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