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Host coach Pete you're lovable host coach Pete Thomas Lipscomb and Mr Dave Perkins a guy's been a yeah I say every week it's been a fast moving show is fast moving has been almost a year to guys fast moving here yeah that's the thing you have to look at it let's get out of it soon enough I was about to say exactly twenty twenty in king I think it was a couple weeks ago the CNN reporter named Kubo who has a brother who is the the the governor of New York yeah it a big deal out of coming out of his basement when you've been quarantine because he supposedly had the virus I heard about that I did here's all the headline about some dramatic emerging from the basement to which coach Pete made a joke you wanna hear the joke yeah tell me I asked if he saw a shadow because if he did it be six more weeks of the virus he didn't hello hello so it's been a fast moving show best movie year but I want to make sure the people just get to get educated but also know that it's not the other world guys now it's not the end of the world I mean it if you watch news every single man it's going to seem like it but I recommend unplugging turning the TV off stop watching news what eight times and you know enjoy your family there's always some things one of things I've been doing ever since quarantine started I've been making myself because I was getting out of it does get a little bit out of tune a little bit guy so what I started doing as I make myself do five sets of a hundred push ups every single day wow that's pretty don't come out of the quarantine stronger than with the No Way and I've also been reading some of the books that I have that up and want to read and get getting some stuff done that always want to get done so nice rather than sit in front of the TV and let them work me into a war yet whether yeah I've chosen not to do that and I've chosen to live my life the way I want to live my life and and I I think a lot of people are benefiting from that to which you know we we all wanted we miss being able to have the freedom of going out to eat or getting a drinker going to meet with some folks in a group setting anytime we want we've had that taken away in and understandably so yeah but we need to know that there's gonna come a time we need to live our life for me where humans were not Kate math right we don't live in caves anymore so we are we have to come out live our life and we need to pay attention to the rules and make sure we do the right thing we also need to question some of the data that comes out and see where some of these deaths are really coming from and make sure that they really are being attributed to the virus if they are but if there if there if someone else had some underlying conditions we need to make sure to have explain why that's counted as a coronavirus death I can increase my thought yeah no I couldn't agree more as one of those things I don't like to get too political about it I want target anyone channel but I will say this every single news outlet you turn on they have commercials and they want to make sure that their meters a rating for all absolutely yeah it is what it is you know the old saying a radio or TV N. right if it bleeds it leads hi guys this is a very good thing because we can lead with a whole bunch of greedy portfolio losing a lot of money that's like there are not there aren't enough Dutch boys around to put their finger yeah sure so but when we get back to normal we're gonna wanna take road trips and Thomas I know you got a good win this week Dave dot do absolutely here we go.

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