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Not none other than John Cooper way. Back when Keith Culver Saint Louis. Bannon is his contract off the Maroons got only four forty two games. So those are all guys that if I had the best of those three players, but rude balmy strings Anderson. I wanted us three is back. Next year. And you know, the blues are still running up by the trade deadline's. Maybe they keep all three of those guys. I'm not sure come more questions for Jim Thomas here. He covers the blues for the post-dispatch. And Jim we appreciate the time. You're giving us here in a salary cap era. You know, people talk so much about winning while your windows open. I think the late near experiencing that right now that window is still wide open for them. But the blues Jim have been one of those teams that have been consistently good over the years. But never great in the playoffs is that window in your opinion, still open or is it time to retool? Two years ago. Doug Armstrong bought the window was closing. And that was the year when Hitchcock was fired season event. Surprisingly, Mike, yo comes in. I think they went twenty two eight with with a couple of overtime losses and and made the playoffs and went to round or bad than last year. They missed by a point by one point in really injury-plagued season with the off season moved. And with some young talent prospects, like Robert Thomas and charging Hiroo. I arms. Strong. Prospects tournament played a prospects tournament the traverse city Michigan that he thought the window opening in on this gene, judging by.

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