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On the night don't mean nothin I don't remember the songs don't you who can forget do that's high school dance material right there you know what I'm saying what else by the way if your saxophone player you must long for the eighties we just agree you're getting your getting a mad amount of work all right so anyway Sir Richard Marx apparently is upset yeah and by the way he was oh come on what swear yeah I just don't understand our internet here sometimes so Richard Marx would like you to know that if you referred to as the Wuhan virus the China virus China corona virus any any of the above basically you are and these are his words a racist and I couldn't figure out for the life of me why Richard Meier society need to weigh in and then I realize Richard marsh just released a new album and I'm sure that those two things are not connected at all because I'm sure you are boards everyone's already went out bought Richard Marx's new album the first day was released here about a month ago yeah COS a ballad about general so sitting in the album I believe the name of the almost a limitless died that's not what I heard okay ability general so okay so sure that those two things Richard March going often to the point where he got a bunch of play and the release of the new album sure we're just staying so I pulled up the album charts and I ran out of charge to find his album so I I feel I feel like it's not doing well but I think a lot of people can make yeah that guy so who knows maybe that will be a big win for him because again I'm sure the two things are not connected in any way shape or form in other in other news in fact let's go and get this out of his big victories.

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