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I chance relying on him. No not at all I've already came up with. Trust me, I've been brainstorming. Awake at three or four in the morning because I know how important matches like. Three four in the morning. Kinda going over different spots independiente my head. Different can bring to the table to. INET, that's not usually seen at me to make the fans go like okay. This'll be messing with honey but I'm definitely definitely not exactly. I'm not too keen on doing it holding myself because I feel like Jesus allowing better so. So can I give you a tiny bit of advice. JEREM plays. You just talked about how you're up at three or four in the morning, and you're thinking about different spots in different sequences for the match, right? Yes think about the story. You WanNa tell. To think about that store you want to tell a cody and just how hard you want to smash his face in for what he did to David Greco yeah. A. Sunny you haven't been listening in, you should because we're on. Monday through, Friday and you say you get up early, so you have no problem timewise. Is that Cody banned me from a W. Because I didn't like star wars like is there more of an ignorant way to ban somebody, then having a different taste in movies and banning that person I mean this is the number one sports talk show on Sirius Xm for crying out loud and bad me, and he's jealous, fat heads that read every every w event you know so I got even got him. Cody fat head and hung up on me when I was trying to give it to them for his birthday. Not that I'm obsessed or angry about it in any way, but. Yeah I mean so kick his ass. Sunny is what I'm trying to say. Kick his as I. AM watching I am I. Want everybody who is listening to this show right now. I don't give a shit about what else is on that and I could care less. I want every busted open nation member to tune into. Aws Dynamite on Wednesday to what sunny. Cake Cody's ASS and get that. W.. Championship at all I want that's all I'm asking Tony. Win Win Baby. Win That's. Way And win baby win Sunday. God Sakes. He doesn't deserve it. He's a bad person study. You're a good person. beat him in win. Manager Star Wars Gimme a brisk star wars. Did you hear what he says Dave and he'd say you should be my manager. That would destroy. Oh that would distract the hell out of him. You re that's your way back in gave maybe that your way back in your in your in Sonny's corner. Behind him sunny. Make. You I. Don't think that you're banned for very long. I mean. I'm telling you right now. Tomorrow's by Bert Day to tomorrow's my birthday and said he kisses going up against Cody Presbyterian. I could get the dailies place if I drive after today's show Dr Dailies. Yeah I. Don't. Get tested first, and then you can come in. GotTa mask look at I got a mask I made just for. Cody is safety masks. Go get return to jet I. It was okay it was okay. I got. Guy Got I can wear that outside rang. Why didn't we have? Why didn't we have this phone call earlier? So. I mean come on, come on I'll give you my number fight for the fall and coming up tomorrow eight PM. I'm telling you right now I want every nation member, please if you love me or even. If you just like me, a little make sure you watch it, W Dynamo as sunny kiss makes history on TNT on live national TV, meaning cody Rhodes for that did not put any pressure on the cody Rhodes for that, TNT championship tomorrow. Watch it when when sunny way. Thank you for joining. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday I'm busted open from nine am to noon eastern on Sirius Xm by nation, chant 156 busted open. PODCAST..

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