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For like Green Mountain traeger and the ad like they have all sorts stuff in there okay awesome. I've never cooked anything besides meat in my my smoker. We've done well if I'm going to do higher heat stuff for us. I typically use my my Weber. I don't usually use my smoker. Fail this type. You can do it but we've done bread. We've done cookies This was a potato debate had October FEST SAUSAGE POTATOES. Carrots onions Olive oil put on there for like an hour and that was it. It was like my wife. Right now isn't working. She's op because Kobe. So I am still working so it's sort of the opposite Jim where she's a home all time making stuff so now she looks after dinner but then it comes to the barbecue to actually go up there and do it. Yeah but this was something that she prepped. I came upstairs and tossed on the smoker and and we had it the like an hour and ten minutes. I think the Cook it at three seventy five delicious by the way. Let me let me say this. There's some conversation going on about our arteries right now in the chat room and I appreciate that but by the way you can do this street so the other night. We did SIM Zucchini and onions. You can throw some carrots in their roasted potatoes. Put It on the grill. Add some you know at some time or some. You know whatever you like. Parsley put that on there. And let that let those vegetables especially like. Maybe I'm one of those frog. Matt's make sure your onions are good size. You don't WanNa go to thin because a fall in man you can get maybe add a little bit of olive oil to that you can grill or you can grill or even smoke vegetables and still have a really good meal. The pulled pork brisket are very park. And the Jerky are very lean right. Right 'cause you've rendered all the fat out of your but there is ways to do this mark. I mean for for folks who want to eat a little healthier or at least the appearance that they're eating healthier you. We do almost all of our bell peppers we do all our keeney. We do our onions. Smoke SALSA TAKE. We have that pampered chef tool that will that will dice for you. You know. Get a couple of get a couple of things that garlic and put those in and spread that in there. Yeah we get more than just a red meat underplays to like. There's some fresh veggies and some potatoes. Well it's funny you joke about that. That's been the joke of my wife and I she's like you do a really good job making great meat. I really wish you could take care of the sides as well because I'm always like okay made the meat I'm done and she's like okay. What does the sides potatoes learning? How do all that stuff? I could find easy recipes. That's where things that would be huge for by meal. Prep and eliminating really hurt because my whole goal barbecuing is saying. Take that off from cooking like she does so much cooking around here. It's it's me really giving her a break. Oh Wow okay. Is that Bacon wrapped over lettuce cabbage. You have to explain this on. This looks delicious too but I. I'm also very very much interested in meeting that there was some. I found a recipe somewhere for a baking rap. Cabbage where you coordinate and your stuff. The inside I think butter and spices. And you're up with Bacon and you're sitting around you beat it. I don't I don't know it looks delicious though Patty's Day so we did that with a corn beef. Oh there you go so mike next time grilling I could get some gets in Broccoli. The problem is I don't grill too many stakes because of the fact that I only have the green mountain to need a gas grill. You can be you do need to chuckle. Weber. I'm maybe get matching too late for a chuckle takes as much time as it does for gas. I don't know if I had one and I'm not allowed to have another gas because of it really for another gas grill in the House. Because she doesn't like the taste of the food on that versus a charcoal. It's so good by amazing. I could be down for that. Yeah it's also one more thing my wife 'cause my wife's already out there using my tiny little camper gas grill and she's really good at it and like doing it now. She's better than that. So maybe chocolates. It's an extra step she will be willing to take. So you're versus reversers mistakes. You got some nice thick steak so nice roast reverse series or your smoke into one twenty toss on top of the coals where we're getting ready to mistakes and you're saying on the coals not onto agreed. You're saying I do both so the one with Caveman. Caveman style is usually just stray on the cold. Expensive what you mean like. It's weird you don't think it's going to work but it's so good album brown with guy showed it to me and how long you keep it on those coils but a minute total trip from what. I just get it on. Get off Yup. Yes sure cooked right six feet. So you're you're already getting the whole meet up to one hundred twenty degrees and you just turn the outside almost doing for texture taste on the outside and you really are for internal temp. There's a there's a terminology for Starts in Amnon? I can't remember the name of it. But it's it's making that cameras -ation the outside of the so you you basically get whole steak up to a reasonable temperature. And then you literally tossing onto onto the finish it off. So that was New Year's Eve when I was doing it cab. You gotta try it. It's amazing it's GonNa come off with colds and stuff attached. Yeah he's not. We need to get over with charcoal on it. Honestly like that's what I grew up on. The whole secret is silver cylinder in the middle of the grill. Fifteen minutes and you have your ready. Yeah wastes doing this. That cylinder cooking or mechanical is ready. And then you're pouring into the Weber. Earning them inside. Whoever and you don't use letter fluid direct little paper Underneath Light. It light it will go up in a chimney. It'll like the charcoal. Then when it gets hot fifteen minutes turn it over and just poured in there. You can that way. You can port anywhere you want. You can do indirect that way you can put in a corner even looming yourself to where you initially erect. Corral them out. You can kind of do it that way. And then in this case like with these you'd put them in a section level him out take the meat. Put it right on the on the on the on the end of this weekend sadly guys I do. I have a hard cut off right now but I'm GonNa follow them next week because I have a bunch of recipes in Mark Amy. Someone's for for my beef that I try to cook last week. I think my wife would like a lot better so we're going to be doing a lot of barbecuing the next few weeks. I'll be giving you guys in. Its Bark always good senior I'll see Mike. Thanks for C- next week. The The recipe I was going to give him on the Broccoli Super Easy donated grill for it. So take a cookie. Sheet puts tin foil on it catch Broccoli up into just little little chunks. Throw that on their great some ginger. Throw it over the top of that salt and pepper and put in the oven at four hundred for twenty minutes and you get Baked Broccoli. I never hellofresh find. I never thought of Baking Broccoli. We always steamed it and it was awful. It was wet and slimy and gross in cooking. Broccoli changed everything like Oh my God. This is great so the three things you can do that with Broccoli Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts too you can kinda do them. Yeah and the other thing we do instead of using injuries permits on. Yeah so you use olive oil firms and bake it and we all the time. 'cause I I don't like I'm saying I'd rather have Roth Roth. Vegetables underwood boiled yeah steamed or even we would do all. We'd go through all kinds of gyrations to steam these get him just right and they just always be mushy in kind of hellofresh got got US. Baking those and And you can get all kinds of recipes on the Internet for Baked Broccoli. I just never thought of doing it. That way and it was super delicious. You can have your Broccoli going so you know twenty minutes out off the grill. You can throw these in the oven and they'll come out fresh and ready to go for you for and I'm I'm a big steak and Broccoli Fan. That's just that's kind of my. Those are my two favorites two kind of pair together with the red wine. And I'm pretty much done. Maybe a cigar at the end. Yes yes inside paid. Yeah have you. So let's just talk about sauteed mushrooms. Have you done it so I have a? I have a plan for my grill. I can put in the grill and get really hot. Have you done on the grill where you throw the throw the mushrooms in there and add some stuff to him and just Kinda Saute them with the meat? I've done mushrooms Think how the Burger doesn't have the big Portabella heads the ones that about four inches diameter. And we'll take those take the steam out of it drizzle olive oil on top of it and put steak spice on top of it and then put those on the grill with the veins up and Cook Them for about twenty minutes and all the juice from mushroom comes into the veins and put those put a burger on top of that. But we have those mistakes. Just Portabella mushrooms on the side of the state But I do have a walk for my Weber. I've used but those we used to do this all the time. If we're having a steak we'd have a Puerto Rico beside it. Yeah one of the things. That's been interesting mark during this time. This crisis that we're in is when I go to the grocery store and I haven't been in three weeks so I this was. This was three weeks ago but like all the fresh produce was packed. Like we could have in that time I could have gotten anything. We were buying fresh celery. We were buying fresh fruits. They were all there. I don't know what it's like now but it is one of those things you know. Everybody made a run on core stuff. That would be around for a while men we. We had some of the best fresh vegetables we've ever had and then the other thing. Sammy gotten really my daughter. She's gotten really Kind of Cookie cookie in this cooking ish and she. We made our vegetable stock this week. So all the fresh stuff that we've gotten any there hellofresh where we bought. We put in a bag throw it in the freezer and she spent some time on Friday. Just boiling cooking that up for a couple of hours adding some stuff to it and then we get.

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