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I have COPD and are currently on oxygen twenty four seven but I found when I increase my dope nine of the the reason I never wrote every day I found that the carried the day that I could take by accident along for a while with no no consequences in my reading on I don't remember what you called it that you can just bring up the steel box activate and easily went from ninety to ninety nine a few cars that was that was the main thing that is awesome Rachel it's it's so good to know that you're able to for periods of time now go completely without it Dr Howard she's she's bumped up to nine and nine she has been more improvement that can still come yes yeah it is time you know it didn't come overnight and it doesn't go away overnight yeah and it's not a cure all but we know now and you know that your quality of life has improved and that's great Rachel which is people that are thinking about calling balance of nature for the first time but haven't yet chosen to well I was one of those will listen to you I listen to talk radio a lot marital the commercial and I think you know why it's worth the money at least try and I'm so happy that I did well I know that bouncer nature's happy that you did as well because doctor how you say it all the time the improvement one by one by one making a difference in one person's life at a time you guys that's what you were built the last twenty years doing and and Rachel I cannot I can't tell you how happy it makes me because this is why I do bounce of nature's for for you and thank you so much that you've that you've followed through that you've stuck with it and that you're willing to call and share that with other people you know we get blamed all the time Rachel that down that all of the all our testimonials with the success stories people here there's a sale you need better actors traffic Rachel do you want to share with people that you're a real person yes I'm a real card and activate you so much for creating the product thank you Rachel the Rachel thanks so much for calling us we appreciate it balance of nature changing the world one life at a time well the number one reason I started thinking about the nature was the quality I think the proven science behind it peaked my interest I've tried so many different types of supplements whether dietary supplements are just general vitamins this is the only dietary supplement that I've ever taken where I actually felt a noticeable change to me that's just the best big voyage don't wait to see what getting over ten servings.

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