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The number looking for a fire in a lawn chair the new to me ruby ridge but not all sweet we in the dark in the middle of a rock feel blue jeans in two interviews with Cody Allen flats or fix I figured you know you seem like a great hello okay you're appreciated Allen what Eugene to the prom only never a fortune if the backseat right here Nashville's number one for new country ninety eight WSIX FM you I didn't even you yeah and then and then I played you yeah yeah may the Saudis see may Jodie Allen right here how you doing Carly peers he's on the show my favorite people in the world I store for self titled album is out this weekend if your second sophomore as they call it a lot has changed for Carly since she burst on the coast music scene let's go Rangers yes this we're we drag race weather at all even the Hey is Kristin Brad Paisley Brett Eldredge CMT after midnight with Cody Alan the big ninety eight you king it's ME even native which you show when we have an it would probably win too just a little too you cancer in Lou see you came back we got a boyfriend and we're for you own a you we sing babies is give.

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