President Trump, Officer, Milwaukee School discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Milwaukee Cleese taking a leap toward promised transparency releasing body. Cam footage of a fatal officer involved shooting. Milwaukee police chief Alfonso. Morales is in denying the sensitive nature of the footage detailing the events that led to the officer involved shooting of bio Hobson in August. This video was not created to embarrass or upset the members of the deceased family or the officers involved chief says the department worked with Hobson's family, and it's hopeful footage and these kinds of events can lead to more trust in the community moving forward all this to release critical incident videos within forty five days of the incident. We're coming forward and doing it without the request of that community. Tony back. WTMJ news is dead. After a triple shooting happened on their walkies north side near nineteenth and Atkinson, just before two two male victims hospitalized police still searching for a suspect a child in Milwaukee school. Okay after finding an object on the playground. George Hurrell got a strange phone call from the Milwaukee school Chinese language, whereas four year old daughter goes to school. They told me that she found a condom in toddlers play area at recess after. The girl played with it. It was taken to a lab where tested positive for the girl has tested negative NPS issuing a statement saying they are extremely concerned and are looking into solutions to ensure cleanliness at all times berry Nelson WTMJ new President Trump promising a number of actions cracking down on immigrants and asylum seekers for the first time the president up here threaten use of force against migrants at the border under the law. The troops at the border are only supposed to offer logistical support for the border patrol. The President Trump said military force could be engaged if any of the migrants throw rocks. They wanna throw rocks at our military. Our military fights back. We're going to consider it. I tell them considered a rifle those comments prompted general Martin Dempsey, the former chairman of the joint chiefs to tweet a wasteful deployment of overstretch soldiers and marines will be made much worse if they use force disproportional to the threat, they face they won't wanna Zak. ABC news, Washington. President Trump's desire to change the constitution with an executive order related to citizenship. Earning and critics on the democratic side of the aisle. Also amongst members of his own party, congressman, Mike Gallagher. Speaking to Wisconsin's afternoon news own reading of it to death that the president is not thirty to get rid of it unilaterally. Executive order house speaker Paul Ryan also says President Trump cannot end birthright citizenship on his own today marking the end of a wrenching series of funerals for victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre of last Saturday ninety seven year old rose mehlinger, the oldest of the eleven victims will be laid to rest this afternoon. Her daughter was also wounded in the attack a tree of life synagogue, the suspect pleading not guilty to federal charges that could result in a death sentence..

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