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She's crying and I just remember this being just a really emotional moment 'cause I grabbed her hand through my gloved hand like hearing the giant taffer thing that she can't even see my my, she can barely see my eyes, and my face and I. Just think how terrifying must look to her in this basically looking thing. And I wait for the translator. To relate commune English why she was crying. There's always a slight delay with. Internet, connection and whatnot And I hear back in English these are happy tears. I'm finally able to see the light at the end of them very long tunnel as they begin to walk more. And she thanked me and I got I got close with that patient. I worked with our three most of March and April. Because to get out of the hospital to you have to test negative twice to go to a skilled nursing facility or some sort of post, acute care, and so we're finding patients are continuing to test positive for long periods of time, so it can be a long time that they're in their sure I in that patient past the worst of it now. Yeah Yeah, she's Since left the hospital. Well, that's great. Yeah, I guess if I if I have the floor, I think a another unique perspective of the hospital I'm working out is primarily for. We got a lot of strokes a lot of fine surgeries, and so, what happened at the beginning of this is we had all these patients that were receiving inpatient level of care for this gentleman that I'm thinking of had had a stroke and Then he contracted just like my other patient virus within the hospital so now on top of trying to. Date impatient? We have level of care which is three hours of intensive therapy a day which didn't really happen. There was a lot of conversation around how we were going. Make pay manage. It didn't quite happen that way, but they're down in these covert units and I was seeing this one gentleman and trying to. Do the best that I could to reach some sort of. Stroke Rehab for him on top of covering for this from the virus, and he ended up not being one of the patients that wasn't critically ill from the virus, but had the virus. But still had a stroke and so trying to be creative in these rooms that I can't bring anything into because of COVID I. Don't have any access to besides bed the bed, the chair, and myself if that that's been a challenge, an interesting one on one kind of Leave me through trying to create Rehab with very limited resources and these rooms. Well I'm sure in PT School. They try as best they can teach your problem solving skills, but that's not exactly something that they teach you in PT School. Problems specifically didn't come up through school. Five to say. A quick break to.

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