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Eighty seven with partly sunny skies mid eighties today tomorrow late tomorrow into tomorrow night to be some heavy rain from Florence coming our way and the chance of heavy rain and wind for Friday and Saturday as well with temperatures in the upper seventies. Those would be our biggest impact days from Florence shower. Taints on Sunday as well. From NBC twelve I'm meteorologist Andrew freidan on NewsRadio eleven forty W R V A and now ninety six point one FM from the piersonhonda dot com weather center. It's cloudy and seventy one in short pump. Newsradio w RV time. Six thirty two. Forecast track four, hurricane Florence continuing to move south and west in other words away from us, but NBC twelve meteorologist Andrew freidan says we will still be looking at potential periods of heavy rain. I still think we're in the mode where we need to prepare for the worst. When it comes to flooding and hope for the best if we have a little bit too many supplies, and so be it. But this is a unpredictable drifting meandering hurricane and it still has the potential to produce tropical. Storm rains for us. Freidan says we had flood warnings with just thunderstorms last night VM saying it is still focusing on hurricane Florence even though they're saying it's going in a different direction. It still affects part of the Commonwealth as we as we know we serve the whole entire Commonwealth not just certain areas. So we are still very concerned with some of the things that could occur victims, Shannon. Daniel who also says flooding is always a major. Concerned with any hurricane and she says even with the storm going south. There is still a storm surge risk beat ad says it's been suspending lane closures stayed and getting people out of Hampton roads. If they want to or have been ordered to not recommends that you get your vehicle road ready. It should be faith. You will up operable and equipped with your emergency kit in case you need to travel for long. Periods of time. Me nuts. Lindsey Legrand offering tips for those moving to higher ground or for those of us planning your drive during the storm Chesterfield right now, the only local school district going to class on Friday and right Hanover, an Richmond all closing because of the hurricane VCU. And you you have also canceled classes starting on Thursday. It's North Carolina and South Carolina that appear to be taking the brunt of the storm or we'll be taking the brunt of this storm Emily row is in right? Ville beach from what we heard yesterday, we talked to a lot of people out here again on the beach. A lot of locals told me that they plan to stick it out when I pressed him a little bit more on what about that mandatory evacuation order that goes into effect at eight o'clock this morning. Most of them a great majority said we're gonna stay put we're going to take our chances a lot of these folks have seen a lot of hurricanes before so they feel like they're prepared. And that's one thing that the governors have both north and South Carolina have said do not treat this as other hurricanes. This one is different. There are demonstrated reasons that you need to leave and not try to wait it out in non Florence news. A major development in the Catholic churches clergy abuse scandal cardinal Donald world. The embattled archbishop of Washington maybe stepping down the cardinal says that he expects to meet soon with pope Francis. To discuss the possibility of resigning, here's ABC's David Wright world is one of the most prominent Catholic leaders here in the US someone who's closely aligned with pope Francis. And someone who presented himself as a champion of survivors of sexual abuse. But his reputation was badly. Tarnished by the. Pennsylvania grand jury report which mentioned his name more than two hundred times in connection with the cover up the question now will he merely resign early as archbishop but be allowed to remain a cardinal like Cardinal Law of Boston a generation ago..

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