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Apply simply understand fully end. Mortgage confidently. Texas eight keeps putting the pressure on Alabama hasn't been as easy as it has for the crimson tide. And the first three weeks will go to Tuscaloosa for an update in a moment. West Virginia starting to pull away in the second quarter as they go to the half and Morgan town leading by three touchdowns on Kansas state. Clemson right now starting to open it up a bit late first-half at Georgia Tech and the route is on in Columbus and urban Meyer's return with Ohio State a big onto lane while Virginia Tech leads Old Dominion, fourteen seven Miami. Having no problem Florida international earlier Wake Forest gets crushed by Notre Dame, which seemingly has a new quarterback now. And it's going to stay that way with Ian book going twenty five of thirty four for three hundred and twenty five yards today in a couple of touchdowns in a fifty six twenty seven win. Over Wake Forest. Michigan puts up fifty six Nebraska fifty six ten the final there Purdue stuns Boston College thirty two thirteen in Georgia gets passed, Missouri. Forty-three twenty nine told you about that Clemson game going to the half. Here's Jeff Zell with more. Riches twenty one. They've got the ball on the three yard line with eleven seconds to go really what can get this game out of hand. And then just put it into the whenever we're on the air. Right now. Three twenty seventy seven tending the extra point. Trevor lords has come in the freshman right at eight of thirteen hundred twenty three yards two touchdowns and one. He's got a seventeen yard touchdown Besta hunter rest rope. And the fifty three yard touchdown pass. We are I incorrectly identified it as h h Cheryl because the Georgia's FDA system told me that when they're on the air, but it was actually Justin Ross, so please if you're scoring at home give Justin Ross fifty three yard touchdown reception. Clemson dominating over Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech has won eleven yard touchdown run. Take one Marshall has had thirty three plays from scrimmage run. Thirty one of them take on March one nineteen of those clips and set to kick the extra point if they make it they which they did they are now up twenty eight to seven over tax five seconds ago. I have mind thank you very much. Jeff for you. You I say that lovingly, of course, James Hardie in Tuscaloosa where it's been a good one in this first half between Alabama and Texas A&_M, Jeff James. Yes, it sure has Alabama hasn't twenty one to thirteen lead closing in on halftime is to buy lower on fire so far completing his fourteen passes for hundred forty eight yards and added his third total touchdown a twenty three yard touchdown tied. In HALE Hinch is to give Alabama at twenty one to ten late, but Tatum drove back down to dot in the Alabama Redstone but stalled on their drive head to get a thirty two yard field goal as Alabama has a twenty one to thirteen lead also fell in mind in the ball game closing in on one hundred yards rushing. Thanks to a couple of long scrambled in the first half. They're texting and still in it. But down twenty one to thirteen the top ring Alabama Simpson tide closing in on time. Thank you very much. Let's go to Jeff rap Ohio State. The route is on Jeff. Yeah. Buckeyes in really good shape here with two forty six. We just had a time out called state number four team in the country leading to lane thirty five to six urban Meyer. Of course, his first game back to the sideline. He's been running the program in the last couple of weeks. But that's that was levied back on August. First. Precluded him from being on the sideline on game day until today. Higher state. Of course, went all three games without urban Meyer. Ryan day is the acting head coach coming off that big win at TCU last week and OSU did jump out pretty quickly. In fact, they had a twenty one lead at the end of the first quarter with Wayne Haskins throwing three touchdown passes. And after two lane got on the board with dearest fraud. Well, two yard run buckeyes got right back to business Haskins again with another TV pass. He's got four on the day and Tate Martell his backup has entered the game. He led a scoring drive. That was capped off by eight yard touchdown run. By j k Dobbins the buckeyes averaging nine point seven yards per play and have three hundred sixty. I'm sorry. Yes. Three hundred sixty yards total right now is we took down to thirty nine and counting left in the first half Ohio State leading to lane thirty five six quickly. It's going to John Lowe. Kansas state in West Virginia at the half. John. Yeah. West Virginia twenty one and nothing here at halftime. And it's really all came down for West Virginia in the last. Couple of minutes is real Greer tossed a couple of touchdown passes. David sills, Kansas state want. Meanwhile, has not even able to reach mount near territory and West Virginia is how gaining Kansas state significantly. Trying that stuff out West Virginia without gaining can stay three hundred twenty two seventy seven and. Nothing. Good going on for K state and West Virginia leads the twenty one and nothing here at halftime. Thank you very much. John Intuit tug of Isla. Just throw another touchdown pass. Alabama late. First-half leads Texas ain't m twenty seven thirteen with the point after pending coming up tonight. It's going to be a good one Stanford and Oregon and autzen stadium, it should be a great one. And joining us right now is former ducks quarterback and good friend of the show and their current radio analyst, Mike Jorgensen mica w back. How are you? Hey, rich. Good to hear your voice. Thanks for having me on really. Appreciate it. Absolutely. Always love talking with you. Great to have you aboard once again. You know, this is going to be a much different test for the ducks than what they've had the first three weeks and not to dismiss them in any way. But are they up for it? Bowling green and Portland state who replaced Texas CNN who'd taken themselves out of a home and home a couple of years ago. And then San Jose State came to town last week and everybody thought that they would continue to blow people out they gave Oregon trouble last week, which was troubling. I think for a lot of people around here and cooling little bit of the coaching staff, but they're free. No heading into Stanford. That's what they wanted to be. And you know, big game here that has traditionally been the game between these two teams. And now Washington is kind of joined in the fray of settling who wins the nor the last couple of years. Oregon's got blasted by Stanford on an average of fifty one. I think fifty one seventeen has been scored the last couple of years on average and they're hoping to change at this year. Obviously last year Justin Herbert missed that. Meaning he was injured. And this team was a lot different without him in the lineup. And you could see the results he's healthy. Now, he's stronger how big is tonight for him on the on this national stage and is the upward. Well, it's you. It's the way you launch any type of campaign into actually if you're going to have that. But it's the way you launched this team he'll back into legitimacy and people believe in that they actually can contend for Pac twelve championship after being, you know, behind the eight ball the last couple of years in with him. They're very very good, and he's been a little bit streaky this year, and it's been interesting. I mean started the game in Oregon had a chance any to the games to start each of the first three games hot and have had a tremendous amount of drops. So that's almost the first mystery that each to get solved tonight with Oregon has the ball is ten they start quick. And if guys are open can they catch the ball? And you'll throughout the games they've been pretty good. But the start games, which you're gonna have to start bass tonight against Stanford. You don't want to get behind the eight ball with the cardinal is you know, is to have him start fast. Get confidence get into a rhythm. That's going to be one of the huge keys to Oregon success tonight. How important for for the ducks is to get their running game going against a d that's allowing just over three yards per carry the last two games well balance, you know, it takes a lot of pressure off adjusted Herbert if that's the case. And I mean, it's the same thing Stanford's going to try to do. Oregon's defense is get that balance of Bryce love and throwing the JJ or Sega Whiteside and company on the outside. And you know, if either team gets into a balanced type of situation where they're both running it. And throwing it effectively it's gonna be a big trouble for the opposing defense. Yes. Stanford comes in with. I think what maybe people could be of the season thought was going to be the weakness of the cardinal and right now what's been the strength only give it up seven points per game. They've been great against the run. Just give it up over three hundred. Yards on the season. But eighty six of that came at the very first quarter of the very first game to get Saint ago state. So pretty darned stingy against some good competition in Oregon again, the amount of people, Richard. I went by coming in today say well, what do you think? Well, what do you think? I don't know. I don't think a lot of people though, what this team is or isn't. So today's going to tell you a lot about the ducks. And and what they're gonna do probably the rest of the season with my Jorgensen, former Oregon ducks quarterback and current radio analyst as the ducks get rid of the take on Stanford tonight, and what should be another great atmosphere at autzen stadium. Bryce love set last week with an undisclosed injury. It's been a quiet start the Heisman candidate. How do they contain him tonight? Well, they gotta be great at the line of scrimmage, you know, scattered so good at bringing it into jumbo packages and make defend seven eight sometimes even nine gaps along the line of scrimmage by doing that, you got to pack the box with a lot of people, and and what can happen from time to time is if you missed a gap or he breaks the tackle there's nobody in the secondary at the second level to make that play. And as he did last year he had tons of huge runs and he did against Oregon last year to start the game down in Palo Alto. And and really put Oregon with a backup quarterback behind the eight ball, but you've got to be able to maintain a real disciplined gap control, depending on what Stanford brings to you at the line of screaming genetic into the two headed monster is you're leaving big tight ends and wide receivers in one on one situations against maybe what's been the week to civil Oregon's defense, so far and that's the defensive secondary. So choose your poison, but you gotta be disciplined, and you've got to really rally to the ball. And that's something that tomorrow. Christobal has been preaching to the defense. This week a three games under their new head coach, it was a smooth transition, and obviously one with a lot of continuity in this program. How would you describe the state of the Oregon football program right now? And and your thoughts on on the future. I think it's on its way back slowly. But surely I mean today and this evening's game here in Eugene with Stanford could be that type of leap forward that they need to really kinda legitimize themselves, but they're young still rich. They're very young a lot of physicians. I mean when I look at the to eat and in particular with tonight's game, and you look at the amount of fifth year seniors and seniors at Stanford puts on the field versus Oregon. There are very very young up and coming team. This is the type of thing that launches you maybe to the next level. You got Washington coming here in three weeks to autzen stadium tonight is is a lot that I think it's on its way back. I think that Mario Cristobal and the duty that you mentioned the staff keeping Jim Levitt and. Coach Royal quarterback position and some of the defensive back coaches and Joe salivate defensive line position that continuity has been huge to these guys particularly on the defensive side of the ball with all the turnover. They've had over the last two or three years. Finally, a lot of people on the bandwagon for Oregon tonight. And how do you see this game unfolding? Well, I tell you it's gotta be quick start for Oregon. They cannot get behind get behind. Not only on the scoreboard was Stanford. But you can't play from behind the markers. You can't be in a lot of second along third along situations to have a chance tonight. You gotta be great on first down to take the pressure off adjusting Herbert and the run game. And then on the other side of the ball. You can't let Stanford kitchen. Second six thirty two situations. They will lead you to death with their ball controlled under jumble packages, and you may only get eight or nine possession..

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