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Give us some perspective if you can on how that happened because I think the reason people like me were a little bit slow to pick up on it because we thought, well, this has never happened. There's no precedent for this kind of thing. In our nation, and we can pretty much trust people even if they're on the different side of the political spectrum. They're not going to do anything crazy. But they did. They did. In fact, well, in the book, I go back to 1913 in the U.S., Woodrow Wilson's administration was when they first had this ideology, if you will, of the administrative state ruled by credentialed experts over all aspects of your life. And keep in mind, it wasn't done as an evil mastermind plot. This was presented as, you know, people aren't educated enough. We can actually have experts running most aspects of their lives and we can have an unelected bureaucrats literally in credentialed experts managing everything from nationalizing as well. The economy from agriculture to energy to food. All the way through. And this was seen as a positive benefit. Ebbed and flowed throughout the years. In the 1930s, Roosevelt had a kitchen cabinet adviser Stuart Chase, who actually proposed an early version of this great reset, literally nationalization of energy, stopping your government control of news and propaganda, his words. And he actually said, why should the Soviets have all the fun? And this was, of course, during the time when the soap Joseph Stalin was seen as this great reformer and Russia and all the progressives were very excited. So you fast forward and what happened is if you get into the 70s well, particularly the 90s and the last decade and the previous decade, you have a lot of these same progressives now replacing Russia with China. So you have Justin Trudeau saying China is he has basic admiration for their dictatorship. You have Tom Friedman of The New York Times decades ago saying that China's doing it right and that they don't have the messiness of democracy. The UN climate chief praising China. Obama administration officials Biden all loving this. They're one. Let's be clear. Let's be clear. Even people I admire often foolishly kind of lean in this direction. We saw this with George W. Bush and the Patriot Act, you referred to it a moment ago. Gigantic overreach really believing, but we need to do it. It's a national security. The interest of national security. We've got to do it. It's important. Even the other day, Trump making an offhanded crack about, you know, they don't have, they don't have drug addiction, I don't know, Singapore or in China. They don't have that. They don't know what that is. Yeah, the reason they don't know what that is is because they will murder you if you get out of line. And so there's always been this temptation, but we've seen it on the left so dramatically in the last two years. So my question, my first question along these lines is, do you, do you think, how do you suppose this happened in early 2020? In other words, did certain people convene secretly and say, hey, wait a minute. Here's an opportunity because it took most people by surprise. Most people, as I said over and over, they've just never seen anything like it. So to see it happening, it took time for many of us to really understand how horrifying it actually was. Yes, it did. And it was. And in fact, I think great pains in the book to go through, particularly January, February of 2020 and how we locked ourselves into this. And it goes back to China. So by just quick, previous point, though, is China once all these intellectuals praised it. Once they saw the COVID lockdowns and they saw they could literally play China's dictatorship immediately, they didn't want to relinquish it. And it was more awesome. I don't even praise..

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