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Everybody's dressed. So well like if you like nobody's dressed for function. Everybody's dress looks cool as possible and making twenty s fashions. Also, I I'm going to say I watch for the first time Bill and Ted's. Excellent. Venture. I know I get chided on his podcast a little held back for saying, I never seen it. So I've seen it. And it's very good. But it's interesting because I didn't really laugh at it. I don't think Bill has excellent. Venture is very funny. I thought I thought it was charming. I smile it a lot and I enjoyed watching it bided laugh out loud ever. I am. I crazy who who thinks I'm wrong here. I don't I don't think it's ages. Well on the comedy department. I it's it's not nearly as funny as it is when you're younger, especially when it comes to like that kind of you know, culture with the who-who dude broke kind of thing. But it's I think it's as entertaining as any other kind of nostalgic movie that you grew up with from the eighties or nineties that has dated comedy in it. I would watch it in high school. Actually, my orchestra teacher was obsessed with this movie. So sometimes he would just forgo practice and put Bill and Ted's excellent adventure on. And that's I've really found on reason this movie, I think laughing a lot with it. But I do think that it might have to do with the nostalgic sheen and just like the chance to not have class socially warm. Nice movie that when. The point where it's Billington praise. The L fag is such a jarring. Oh my gosh. It was made thirty years ago moment, it's really really like like, I'm not the kind of person who write-off movie because it from different time and place was like, well, this movie was movies so good natured in kind in love with characters in the world. And so it has a homophobic slur as a major like laugh moment, it was odd incredibly odd to witness. But I still enjoyed it at streaming now on Amazon. Speaking of streaming things I watched night Ninety-Eight Godzilla because I hate myself and because it's Australian net flicks. I popped it on it's unbearable. I mean, I'm somebody who loves independence day. I know the studios gave roll 'em reconvene. Devon carte blanche to make Godzilla after successive that this thing just doesn't understand the appeal of Godzilla. It is a miscalculation on all fronts. Matthew Broderick is boring. The female lead is boring. The best part is the best movies Hankas area being goofball. I mean, we had been Heynckes area driving around New York looking for God's they'll let photographs of them. I would've probably droid this a lot more, man. It does not hold up. And did it was a bad movie in the nineties? It's even worse now and speaking of bad movies. I watch navy seals. I don't know why watch the movie that they make fun of and clerks. They do let me think clerk. So I've never seen this bunch line streaming on Amazon, and it is Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn play members of elite navy seals unit, and it's very release. In nineteen ninety but it's very much moving from the Reagan era. You can tell us that it was made in the same macho America's right at all times mindset give you an idea of the plot. This movie a Islamic terrorists stolen bunch of missiles as threatening to you know, use them against Americans. And so Michael beans character leader of the squad tracks down a half, a half Arabic journalists to who knows where terrorists hiding, and she's all like the Middle East is complicated. And in trying to barge in there without understanding that is actually really bad decision that we need. We should actually we think how we approach the Middle East and our policies there an entire plot. The movies Michael being convincing your she's wrong it, but how they should go in there blow everything up. It is. It is ridiculous. I mean at a time capsule. It is fascinating. I mean, but as someone who like live in such a great a morally grey area all become more aware of that all the political situations unrest, special Middle East are are never as simple as the eighties. Thomas..

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