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He doesn't That's the old him. Alright, buzzer. They ran all those people out of town, then that under a shirt. They don't do that. That's that's Ah, That's just his on armed guard, thinking that I shouldn't call them cheaters. I've sent you They had a good graphic on the broadcast about their batting averages, compared to what they were three years ago. I mean, you know these guys significantly down Springer is the only one who sort of kept his numbers in line. I believe that's who drove in the tying run as well. But Here. We will get to baseball, but I feel like we need to talk. Pat Mahomes, Chiefs 30 for 20. They beat the Ravens. We wrapped up yesterday's show. I think I said that. Lamar Jackson. Only one M v P because Pamela Homes got hurt. Excuse me, Patrick Mahomes. Don't call it fat Mama will get ahead. I don't want to offend them. Yeah, I think he's the best player in the league, and I think I said that I didn't consider it particularly close and not to pat myself on the back. But I think that game last night was a pretty good show case for what I'm talking about here. He's just I mean, look. He's really good, really, really, really, really, really, really bad homes is 385 Yards, four touchdowns. He rushed another one and Lamar Jackson get to get to him. Maybe his worst game as a professional. I'm sure he had some bad games as a rookie in there, But look, I don't even knock the Ravens that much because The Chiefs of the best team, All right, They're the best team in eyes that you're doing it and they're doing it on both sides of the ball, too. Fellas. Just Patrick Holmes is is is 75% of it, But that defense is playing really, really stout. Yeah, You know it is. It's not just my home's being the most talented player in the league, which I which I think he is. Yes, Tyreek Hill, Who's the fastest player in the NFL? And has Travis Kelsey, who is probably the best you know, past catching tight end out there on and Andy really walk ins, Merkley Hardman and all those guys Marcolini. I mean, that is speed all around him. Andy Reid is probably the best offensive architect in the history of the game and go into a home run with Clyde Edwards. Filaret looks like out of the backfield. Yeah, He's quick on his feet running the ball. And so, yeah, I think it is. I mean, we are on the verge of a maybe, like Michael Jordan type situation where I think Pamela Patrick Mahomes is just going to win the MVP every year that he stays healthy and I look, I know you two make arguments, something for Russell Wilson and other guys right now, But if you want to, you know who was the best player in football. It's Pat Mahomes, and I don't think it's close. I'll tell you. I even said it. Are we going to be disappointed with the lackluster performance? This was just you've always said is Lamar Jackson gonna get found out? I think last night was a showcase of Patrick Mahomes. Just doing Patrick Mahomes. Things making right backpedaling 10 yards and throwing it for 60 played a Tyree kill is unbelievable. How many guys put it like? Pen pointed like that in the we'd like it was nothing really threw one underhand that second shuttle pass audio Alabama side to watch if you like, five times because I was like what We just do there, honey, I think you just flexing their. Here's my hot take foryou. I went into that game thinking that if the Chiefs would lose one, it would be a close one. I think I called like it was only a three point game or something. But if the Ravens won, Okay right now, with that dominating of a performance I mean, I'd like to know there are some really others still great undefeated teams. But when do you start talking about barring having the Miss Games? Just when will this team lose this season? The with the Chiefs. I mean, there was there was overtime last night with the Chargers on They got a tough schedule to they have to play New England this week on and you know, it's the NFL crazy things will happen. I'm not saying that they're going to go, you know, 16 0 and or anything like that. But they're just all they're always going to be just said right there going to be the favorite in every game. It's not overtake just to be like they could run the table. What barring injuries and covert? Well, well, yeah, I mean, that's ah lot of variables in there, but here, let's let's talk for a minute. Gallimard Jackson, is this a Is this a problem? Is this that them for him getting found out? I think the difference between that game last night and a normal Lamar Jackson game. It's just a couple of deep passes. You know, they didn't hit any of them last night, and normally he, you know, coughed it up twice, right. But that is that's the problem with Lamar Jackson is when he's down two scores like when Russell Wilson is down two scores. I'm still afraid, Pama homes obviously watch the Super Bowl. If Lamar Jackson is down two scores. It's just like the playoff game with versus the Titans a year ago, right? Do you do you trust him to be able to come back in that situation? A time of lifetime Longhorn? Devon Duvernay doesn't run one back that scores even uglier. And and Lamar Jackson is the light has even shown on him even more, and that's it is. It appeared panic time when they got down in the SEC. Second half it was just It was panic time. And you're right about Devon Duvernay of Duvernay done. Run that back in my guy first one of the season. How crazy is that? In all of football that first. How crazy mean 3605 90. What do you think? By 1283605 90 We get to our top by bottom five. Lim. We return sportstalk just getting started..

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