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Time you wait for your proper invitation as our sports director here. WSB Jay black, by the way after our chat last week. I've decided that I'm going to delegates on my responsibilities as sports director from now on all the Georgia Tech analysis we handled by fake fake. Jay black is your. I don't know who they're playing this weekend. But I hope they do really well. Oh, go go. Go to bolt the jackets right jacket could be at Pitt. Okay. Go they're going gonna take down pit. It turns out fake. Jay black is a tech fan. Say black is a bulldog supporter graduate of the university. Can you answer the question that I put out there before we went to break out? I wasn't listening. But was this middle Tennessee State? Yes. Where in Tennessee? Are they located in the middle of the steak, you very much see it's all it took a little reasoning. That's all it took. That's why Jay black threes borough an eleven fifteen we're going to give away some tickets. Oh, wow. Thi this game, which which you let us know is not being kicked off at seven fifteen anymore. No. It isn't noon is at noon now is that because of the weather so much or is it more about resources that are being used with with the hurricane little of both. You know, there was some especially yesterday. A little ambiguity on. How much is going to get a little more of it from what I understand from meteorologist Kirk Mellish that Atlanta will but it was just more of a precaution. Nothing's going to happen at at noon. There's very slight chance. Range is going to be nice. And and my guess is that UTA the BULLDOGS number three in the country. Still are favored to win this game against the middle. Tennessee State by thirty three points or thirty two or thirty four depending on where you go coach Kirby's. I love coach Mark because he makes it seemed like you're playing Alabama every week which is what you should do. He did say the middle. Tennessee has beaten some big schools program beat Missouri. I think it's choice sixteen. Here's a team that has good athletes. I know who they were recruited against him in other schools. They have good football players. They get some transfers in there. They have the capability of doing good things, especially when you've got a quarterback they chopping wood. Coach smart. The only question I have is how much would would would shopper. Cha.

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