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He gave you a desire to write bible studies for women before any of this ever happened. And so, you know, for those women who maybe aren't in this kind of season of pain and loss and grief and suffering. What would you tell them as they approach? God's word. I think it's just so interesting to me as I look back on that season of life and think about how God was preparing me for something. I didn't know I was going to face and the Lord was just in his kindness working in my heart desire to be in the word because he knew that I would need that foundation of what I had already learned about him. And he knew that I would need that just daily habit of going to the word so that it would be an immediate response. And so I think you know, I've heard Jen Wilkin like in being in scripture to a savings account to which we are making deposits every time we in scripture, and that is just exactly what my experience was just got in his sovereign grace and mercy burden my heart to get into the word before I face tragedy. And that foundation of God's word is what I. Clung to in the season. I ran to God's word because I didn't know what else to do. And got us the things that I'd already been reading to minister to me and prepare me for what is a head. And I still have the journals just from right around that time, and I can look back in my journals, even before we lost so FIA even to the morning of the day that we lost so FIA and see how I was reading scripture and writing about how you know things happen in the lives of the believer. And we don't understand them. But we can always trust the character of God. And when I read those words, I'm just reminded of how God was already preparing me already coming alongside me that he already knew he wasn't taken off guard. Even though I was and that is such a comfort as we walk through suffering or hardship or difficulty to. I know that the Lord already knows he is not surprised like we are now when I hear your testimony area story. I just yeah. I hear the goodness of God and his kindness toward us because he didn't just he wasn't surprised by it. You were surprised by it. But he was not surprised by this. And he was kind enough to stir your heart and stir your factions for his word, and and allowed you to have a friend that came along and had that accountability piece to dig into his word like that is God's grace towards you and toward each towards each of us, right? And yeah, I just think it's amazing. And that you got to know the God of the bible, and that was how when tragedy struck you were able to trust him because you knew him, and you had that foundation of biblical litter. Chrissy, which is what we're talking about today before we go any further, you know, I don't know if all of our listeners have heard that term biblical literacy, do you think that you could define that for us? And then I know we kind of touched on this already..

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