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A few years ago linley art so there was too yeah it was andre johnson hundred yeah there it is andre johnson freeman through his to cope with leaner yup koby would've been blocking for a punt quarterback looted to that earlier they knows buddies scoring touchdowns today get off time would have been so quick through wanna drink so you later zena favorite thing happened this week i don't wanna fall that story but there north carolina there was a fish a four foot fish found and it was mutated fluorescent fish spotted in the lake you know it's god's right for four feet nah beginnings like it's a kid it's god's kid it's a baby it's a baby guzzle fishes big too that's a big fish it's one eight four foot one the ones the big fish you have a diane god's will he say was fluorescent rice and fish load yeah glowed glow downriver four that's forty eight inches that's a large fish they have cafe so big in the river but in a lake though this is an all your standard barracuda yeah yeah no big deal not for us often uc burke you just bear like uc barracuda's often we slam with them in the book and dominican but our hope you don't have anything shiny reflective on you go after bill zito people throw rocks at things that sean says taylor swift if you do i can't really looks like squid thermal image thermal image now that's actually it actually might be a swimming tube a what one of those tubes actually never mind.

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