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Kgo traffic. Shall we step out to Hercules with Clark read and see what's going on. I think so. This report sponsored by Harris, his restaurant from the Children Auto Body Traffic Desk, Hercules still have an accident eastbound 80 before Highway for an overturned SUV now only blocking the two right lanes. A crew on the scene. The backup is building though it's now back to Solano Avenue. Serious point an accident eastbound 37 before Lakeville Highway. It's in the left hand lane, the turned pocket. It is backed up to the Petaluma River Bridge. Oakley a crash two vehicles over the side of westbound four after Laurel and in Hayward, a fender bender, South bound 8 80 before Tennison. That's off to the shoulder. San Jose Brushfire North bound to Eddie before seventh. Fire is at the scene, but it's stop and go from Oakland Road and getting out of San Francisco. It's a crawl from about hospital curve out across the Skyway and onto the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. This report, sponsored by Harris is restaurant Dynamic. Harris is Restaurant San Francisco's favorite steakhouse now open for dining in Tuesday through Sunday. 5 to 9 PM Dining and Harris is Restaurant of Venice Avenue in San Francisco. KGO Weather forecast a cast already super windy. The wind advisory set to kick in at five this evening with winds up to 25 MPH with 50 MPH gusts possible the wind advisory set to expire tomorrow morning at five a.m.. For your conditions tomorrow, other than the wind. We've got some more sunshine. Mild conditions highs in the low fifties to the low seventies. I'm Kim McAllister kgo a tent. Are you worried about refinancing your mortgage only to find a better rate later, introducing the no regret re finance from Network Capital Funding Corporation.

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