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That's Genucel dot com. We love Genucel. My mother-in-law goes crazy over this stuff. She thinks it's too. He loves it. Okay. So much to talk about folks. Let's go through it the takeaways number one. It was a very very bad night for progressives. Ladies and gentlemen, progressives. We have been told that the left is taking over the country that the country is taking a radical lurch towards the radical far left that socialism is the path to the future. And as I wanna point out to you that left was as we can the far left so far was about for eight or nine depending on what happens in a couple races. Let me go down some races where radical far left. Progressives were running and got a Nyalali did a lot of these races. Okay. I own a governor Garcia versus Ducey do wins the Republican down here in Florida. Not exactly a resounding victory, but a solid victory by Ron the Santa's over far leftist Andrew gillum Stacey Abrams again, not a huge victory. But a victory in Georgia in what should have been a good democratic year. According to their blue predictions. Far left. Stacey Abrams looks like she's gonna lose versus Brian camp. Where Joe is Maryland, Maryland, deep blue Maryland. Republican Larry HOGAN the race was called. I think at eight o'clock in the morning yesterday before the polls even open Larry HOGAN, beats far leftist. Ben jealous in one of the more resounding. Gubernatorial victories. We've seen in a long time in the state of Maryland that now has a Republican governor who will be overseeing the redistricting process for Maryland in twenty twenty we may be able to pick up a few seats there. If that redistricting goes well, Texas Senate race Baidoa roar Robert Francis did very well less today. We shouldn't deny that. He finished unexpectedly close. I thought crews would win by six or more. He did not he wound up winning by a little more than two, but the far left. This goes down in Texas again, a win is a win. Especially in this cycle, the California forty five race looks good for the Republican the Eastman bacon race in Nebraska, Pennsylvania. One Wallace verse Fitzpatrick looks like Patrick the Republicans gonna pull it out Riggleman looks like he's going to win. A Jinnah five Randy Bryce far leftist in Wisconsin, one looks like he's going to go down. Ladies and gentlemen. The progressives got a smoke yesterday. Takeaway number one, progressivism, even in what should have been a resoundingly pro-democratic year. We took the Blue Wave the Blue Wave, ladies and gentlemen, it did not happen. Paulo we'll be sending emails immediately. After the show. I have nothing to do with that my lovely wife. But by the way, everywhere I go, I get even at the book signing a pro monthly pizza the promo forces the world. They're aligning everywhere. Folks. It was not the night. The Democrats want you to believe I would declare it it best a split decision..

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